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Okay, which one of you jokers stole my boobs?

They're gone!

As of this morning I'm one stone down (unofficially - on my scales, not my LLC's) and my boobs have disappeared!

Not that I mind too much ;)

Just surprised that they were the first things to visibly reduce!

What were your first bits to "go"? And do you miss them? Or does the loss make you grin from ear to ear? :p
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Well done on your first stone lost Beeswax. I have lost just short of 5 stone and mine have shrunk so much. But my mum has lost the same amount of weight as me and hers haven't gone down much at all.

I think it is to do with a) age and b) exercise. I do a lot of exercise and I'm a 12/14 on top and 14/16 bottom. Where as my mum who doesn't exercise at all is 16/18 on top and 14 bottom!!!

My OH was cuddling up to me in bed (ooer!!) and said I can't get comfy, you're like a teddy bear with no stuffing. Charming!!! I didn't know whether to take it as a compliment or not. He he!!

I'm sure everything will even out though Beeswax, we just have to be patient. Keep the faith!!
OOh, I will be sad to lose all my bewbies...they have always been one of my best bits! ( Or 2 :p).

So far, I have lost on my face, neck, and shoulders ( according to OH)...but have also noticed a difference on my tummy, thank goodness! :)
Oh I hope my boobs don't go first! Ideally off my tummy or bum but we will see..... How exciting that some of you are noticing differences after just a few weeks, mega impressed! x x x x
I have been fortunate enough to lose the weight evenly all over! I don't mind at all about any of it! lol

Kat xx


...we're sinking deeper.
LOL! I'm glad I'm not the only one! :p
I went from a 44B (so never a big cup size to begin with!) to a 34A. Though I don't even need a bra to be honest, I kind of wear one of these padded things to make me look like I have a cleavage.
I don't mind though. Just how life goes! :)


Happy in my own skin
My boobies were first to go too. I lost 8 inches in total from that area. The only time I have a good cleavage now is in a corset...:)

I'm going to give it until I've maintained for a year then I'm going to make an appointment to see a nice man with a knife and some enhancements....:)


Playing the Angel
Loving that idea Morticia :) I have gone from a 40 b/c to a 32D!!! lol I know this is accurate because I went for a proper personal measuring service at old Rigby and Peller. Lost a lot of inches on my girls, can't remember the stats exactly but will post them in the May board tomorrow as I did actually measure last night.


Good question!

I seem to have lost from the top down, although must have been going all over I suppose. Face, then neck, shoulders, boobs, tummy, hips, bum, thighs... just needing the calves and ankles to show themselves before I feel that my chest is too boney.

I love the idea of a knife in the bust, tum and bum, thigh and upper arm areas (in that order), but it would be too, too selfish as the cost would be the same as a round the world trip for the family.

Ah well. xx
My weight comes off my middle first, which is great as i can feel the difference in clothes already! I do have rather an ample bosom (lol) and when I lost weight before I did go down from 34 to 32 but stayed with a ginourmous cup size ....Dolly Parton eat your heart out ;)
I'd love it if they did shrink so I can buy swimwear & underwear from anywhere instead of a few (very expensive!) shops.

I have so far gone from a 44DD to a 38DD but they are starting to feel too big again now, so slowly altering the straps and moving up the hook & eye straps on the back!

I don't mind whatsoever! lol

Kat xx


Is back in the saddle!
May I ask that all you ladies make special time to check yourselves thouroughly. Now seems as good a time as any. I've gone from a 44DD to 36D and I found a lump on Friday. It's probably nothing but the Doc is sending me for biopsy ect.
A lot of us have had that scare too FT....I found one and went straigt away for a check. ALl was well, jst a fatty cyst, and probably been there for years - just could never feel it.

Glad you are getting checked - do let us know won;t you. :)

ft hope its nothing, let us know how you get on hun
daisy x
Been there too FT. Prompt action definitely the best thing. Hope all good with your tests. xx


Happy in my own skin
Fingers crossed for you FT.


Is back in the saddle!
Thank you ladies, just can't stress the importance of checking, especially now there's a bit less of it all!!! Seeing specialist at lunchtime so let you know. I'm pretty sure it will be ok, it moves a little and it hurts which is, apparently, a good sign!!
I'm so glad I started this thread! Thinking about it I *must* have lost in other areas as my clothes fit better and I'm already comfy in a pair of skinny jeans I could hardly tug over my thighs before! I was just a bit attached to the old funbags as I was a bit flatchested when I was skinny so it was a novelty :) Am happy to see 'em go though.

Foxtrot - excellent point. Good on you for getting your lump checked though (although apparently, yes, pain and movey-abouty lumps are *good* signs - this is what my doc told me when I had a wobbly discovery a few years ago). Good luck! :)


Is back in the saddle!
Well all is GOOD!!!! I have a couple of cysts and some fibrous tissue build up and, though I only found the lump Friday, could be down to the weight loss revealing it. Benign is the word!

My darling, sweetest hubby came home and cracked a bottle of 2000 Moet Reserve he was so relieved!! I guess ketosis is out this week. So slap me later.:rolleyes:


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