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Reaching the goal
Since I started my diet program, my ultimate goal is to be able to wear my old jeans back. I can't even pull it up to my thighs now. That makes me so frustrated. I gathered all my old tops, skirts, shorts and pants, to my surprise, none of them fit me now. :-( I've gained so much since I had this emotional eating thing.

I already lost 2 stones to date, but I feel, I need more. I think it's not more of the weight loss result that I should be looking at always, I should also consider using tape measure to see if there's progress in my waist-loss. :)

I hope you can all be with me in this journey. Good Luck! :p;);););););););):D:D:D
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well done on your losses so far keep up the good work and you will be back in those jeans before you know it :)

I cant wait to get back in my old faves lol



Reaching the goal
We can do it MadMuppet! Let's believe! LoL.

I hope I can wear them by December :)


Reaching the goal
3 more days and i'm gonna have my weigh in. I changed it from Fridays to Tuesdays. Since Tuesday is my free time. I am hoping for at least 3-5lbs loss.


Reaching the goal
Sunday was strict with my diet. Because I need to weigh in on Tuesday.

Today, I need to run and do some crunches. See you again. Have to sleep. :4635:


Reaching the goal
It's my weigh in day! Yeah! Need to rest for a while then weigh in when I wake up. :gimi:


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good luck for your weigh in am sure you will see a great loss xx
Hope your weigh in went well and you saw a great loss hun xx


Reaching the goal
Okay ladies. Had my weigh in last Tuesday and it was a success. 4 pounds is fine, right? I am really not expecting big figures but as long as there is improvement, then i believe i'm on target. I have to update my profile then. Wooohooo!!! Me so happy. Yay!
Yea 4lbs is great hun keep it up your doing fab xx


Reaching the goal
Today, I went to see old pals. Had a great night out with them. We had an early dinner and I had steak! Yummy! Didn't eat much but I was really guilty with the chocolate cake. I think, I finished 3 slices. Though they were cut in small slices. ;) Tomorrow, as soon as I get up, I need to walk! :D


Reaching the goal
I was good today! Tomorrow's gonna be my truth day!
Keep up the great work, am sure you will have another great loss tomorrow x


Reaching the goal
Okay. So I weigh in a few minutes ago. And I am happy with the result I am getting with AcaiSlim.

When I woke up this morning, the weighing scale is sitting just right next to my bed. It seems like it was talking to me and asking me to step on her. That was like 7 in the morning. I resisted her invitation.

Had a bowl of cereals with apple in it for my breakie. My sister made an all -veggie salad ( because she knows it's my weigh in day) and that's all I had for my lunch.

Had an early dinner of cereals again.
Did 40 minutes of walking today. With my brown retriever, Lexii.

So, a few minutes ago, i gave in to the scale.
Voila! it's a 4lb decrease...

I am so happy.
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Well done 4lbs gone and never to be seen again keep up the great work you are doing fab x


Reaching the goal
I did good! Three pounds is not bad! I am so proud of myself!


Reaching the goal
It's family day today! Grandma cooked shrimp pasta in creamy tomato sauce. But i was good. I just stared at it while eating my wheat break. :)

Tonight, I bet, there will be leftover from our lunch feast, but I promise I will be good. I will and I will.

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