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Old packs!


I was on the LL plan last year and lost 3st! I then gained about a stone when I found love!! Yippee (not to the weight gain)
Anyway I have about a month's worth of packs but there out of date between Sep 08 and now - does anyone know if I can still use them or would they make me ill?

Thanks Peanut xx
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Its like any food the nutrients would have probably broken down and i would not recommend it as you are most likely not going to get the RDA you need. Worst case scenario is that you could fall ill as you mentioned.

Its not worth it.
Hummm... may jiust try a couple of the Dec ones then and bin anything before hand. I thought they might have brought the use by date forward to encourage ppl to come back to the meetings if they had old packs lying around?



Guess who's back...?
I would have thought they'd be ok Peanut... they are essentially just space food, lol... yeah some of the vitamins might have broken down a bit, so take a multivitamin too (your body will reject what it doesn't need)... if a sachet of 'food' can last for as long as they do - a month or two isn't going to make any difference. Use by dates are just a con - honestly, it's ridiculous! Supermarkets make a fortune out of our stupid new generation paranoia!!

Rant over.

Thanks! Will get back on it 2m... scary thought its been a while! Need to be strong!

P xx
and dont say i didnt warn you, besides Anna's disclaimer wont hold up in a court of law so you can blame her still its all good lol ;) only kidding

Just thought I'd add my 2 pence....it says "best before" and not "use by" on myu cambridge diet packs...which impies they should be fine??...not sure if lighter life is the same!?

I've been using some of my old packs and so far, so good!!

Good luck! :eek:)
*goes to have a quick look at he packs*

Yes i can confirm its Best Before also, well spotted. Im just concerned over the vitamin break down as that is the first to go in food.
I think if you take a vitamin supplement too, you should be fine?

Mine don't taste any different, and I've had no adverse reactions - touch wood! lol

good luck! xx
Yes but my point is why toy with your health, you may or may not be fine, is it really worth £66 or in the case of the CD its cheaper.
Thanks for all your repsonses guys. The problem is.... I am doing one shake in the morning and then giving up! So I wont even know if I get ill cos I cant get back on it! The will power is gone!!


P x


Guess who's back...?
Oh honey! I feel your pain! I've been that way for a few weeks - sometimes I've managed two shakes in a day, but then the food starts calling again.. it's been a real mission getting back on track. Just try and think about why you are doing this - hang around the Jan Starters thread too... seeing their enthusiasm and stuff has really helped me focus on why I started too.

Good luck sweetie xx
Oh thank you. I honestly cant belive that I stuck to the diet for 3 months and lost stone! How was I ever that strong. Have a conf with work next week so will go on Wed night and get some packs. I dont think I can do this alone so if im gona get weighed and paid then I might actually stick to it - know what I mean? Ok im going to do it now! Send the email and then there is no going back. I cant start til next Wed as have a work conf on mon - wed morning and need to be on the ball but will cut back until then so I dont carb crash like last time!! Thanks for the support!

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