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OMG 8st 7lb



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if i were you i would set your target at something you feel comfortable with, you can always change it when the time comes i have changed mine twice so far as i have got closer and it has seemed more manageable, you will know when you get there x
why dont you see what you will be at a bmi of 25 as that is still healthy and not as extreme as what youve looked at. xx
BMI is not gospel hun.... Just gives you an idea.... from what i can see of people who were the same height as me.... Know i'll be slightly different obv.... but my ideal... A size 12/14 will probably leave me above a BMI of 25.... about 28.... I'd just set yourself a target nearing there because as Lilac says you can always change it when you get closer!!! x
For me bmi of 25 would be 11 st and I think that achievable, so I've got 5 stone to go lol. But I just take it a stone at a time until I'm happy with how I look. X
Dude like the rest have said bmi isnt the best thing to work on, stop losing weight once your comfortable my heaviest is 19 and doc's say i should be 12-13 stone i think if i lost that much id have too much saggy skin but if i can get down there and look good i will lol

Best of luck


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I don't want to be really skinny!!! Its just not me!!
I'm the same honey ...couldn't be doing being really skinny and I don't think OH would like hugging a bag of bones as I'm 5ft 7 .

I think you have to look as you shrink and find what suits you and you can easily sustain! x x x
I also prefer not to get too thin, id be happy at 10st approx, i think if i do get to thin id look terrible..
I'm setting my targets as I go. First target to loose 5st but long term target is to get to a size 16 which I haven't been for decades!! I will see where I go from there. Like you say I haven't been 9st since I was 16 so I don't think it will suit me now. Go with what you feel comfortable with.

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I started at 294 lbs , 5' 8"", large frame. I'm maintaining now between 170-180 for over a year now. At that weight I'm about ten pounds heavier than I was in my early twenties, so I'm very happy. Previous advice to set an initial target and see how you go. Your health and how you feel are more important than a number, IMO.
You've done fab so far, so keep at it.
Ive set my target for 14st for now, then change when i go along :)
Il probably end up going to the 12st mark, if i want to go any further il carry on til im happy with my weight and how i look... Will set my main target for 12 st
OK i began LT at 16st 13lbs, i have just checked out my healthy BMI to get to 22.5 i shud be 8st 7lb. Jez i think id look awful. Has anyone been 20st (my heaviest) and lost so much to get to 8-9 st.. Im not sure what to set my target at :confused:
Hey I started LT at that exact weight too (see my statistics) :) What height are you? A healthy BMI is anything between 20 and 25 but I would suggest you see how you feel at the time. They say weight can often come off the face first and work downwards ... and you don't want to look gaunt. My target will take me to the top end of the healthy range but I will refeed before then if I start looking too bad. ;)
Ive given myself 19 weeks to get to 12st, i think il do it, if i carry on the way i am i cud hit 10st by then
Hey, I'm pretty sure that BMI doesn't account for the muscle you have in your body. There are professional body-builders that would be classed as obese (according to BMI) But they have less than 6% body fat sometimes! It's just because muscle weighs more. I would just keep losing weight until you felt comfortable and healthy.
Ive decided to go to 12 st then see how i look, i already have alot of loose bellyskin after having my 2babies and then losing the 3stone +.

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