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omg...am completely confused now..

hiya...im really hoping someone can help me, please bear with me for being so simple about Atkins, i have just read the book for the first time EVER, with the plan to start tomorrow, but im so confused and a bit panicky to be honest....it says you can eat a certain amount of salad & veg, it gives the grammes etc, but not to eat a lot in one meal....so would it be wise to weigh my salad out and keep it in the fridge and eat as and when, ditto with the veg...????

i have tried looking through the menu posts on here but cannot see where the 20g of net carbs come in with peoples menus, do i ahve to count the net carbs of the veg i eat ??? or are they "free" provided i dont go over the set amount ???? #

argh....lol.....sorry if i have a really missed the point on a few things but i have never even contemplated this plan before now, so literally have no idea lol...
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thanks...i have read the book,but i think im on information overload and cant see the woods for the trees, if that makes sense :confused: i have read the WHOLE book,but shall just go back and find the info needed for starting tomorrow...thanks..if i plan my meals for tomorrow and go one day at a time, it think i'll be ok :D:D
huni you have us all 4 support dont forget i only just started and feel the same too but im slowley getting to grips with it all a diet doesnt happen in a day it will take weeks to explore different foods and what u can and cant have you will get there u watch this space it will b second nature to you next week or so

whats ur daily menu so far ??

im having boiled eggs or bacon
chicken cheese mayo lettece lunch
omlette cheese for dinner with brocolli

thanks, i think you are right, give it a few days/week and i'll be fine, im will stick to the basics for now and i think tomorrow my menu may be

B- bacon & scrambled eggs

L- coronation chicken (mayo and spices)& salad (lettuce,cucumber)?????

D- cheese and ham omlette

is that about right for this plan ??????

so this is your first week ???? how are you finding it, have you jumped on the scales yet ??? lol..
lol...just noticed too that our meal plan are almost identical, how funny !!!:D:D they must be the most basic "beginners" meals we can think of lol.....
yes i agree with ya this is my first proper week i had a peak on the scales couple ib not a drastic drop thou sunday my weigh in is

i brought some chritzo thats carb free too its yummy on an omlette -another recipie

also have u tried coconut oil too cook with thats a good fat no carbs and it helps loose weight i got mine off a website essence of edan
i read the book called coconut cures its so benificial to our body .

i get sooooo much energy from it i stir some in my pepermint tea

( u can use on ur hair and skin too )

you can have diet coke and coke zero too that is my saviour it can lead to sugar cravings thou some people find

but that is my saviour

im not even tempted to eat my little boys left over fish fingers or sweets or anything or even the crusts on the bread

its so nice from support of everyone too xxx


Clean green leafy machine
Hi Camo - welcome and post any questions, we will all do our best to help :)

Read Jim's sticky, "So you're thinking of starting Atkins" - it simplifies the book. Jim goes by the rule of three mugs of leafy greens a day - which works for me, rather than weighing everything, although some people do weigh it all.

Lovely to have you here :)
Welcome Camo... It's a great diet and a really friendly forum! I hope you get on ok with it!:)
thanks so much for the advice, its quite possibly the friendliest borad i've been on :D

ok so im seeting about getting my food prepped for the day, save the stress of doing it with each meal etc, so far i am having

scrambled eggs, bacon meadlions & of mushrooms (2.4g carb)

chicken & salad (5.7g carbs)

chicken breast, 3oz cheddar cheese omlette & brocolli (4g carbs)

so thats all bases covered i think with a total of 12.1g of carbs from salad and veg....

have i got it right ????????? it says to have up to 20g of carbs per day, where can i get the rest from ????? ideas would be very helpful,thank you.....

i hope everone has a good day..x
oh and just to say, i shall be getting some leafy green veg tomorrow at shopping, this was a bit of a last minute decision to start Atkins (yesterday morning lol) friend gave me the book, so am making the most of whats in the house....hope im doing it right :)


Clean green leafy machine
Looks pretty good to me - you could get some more carbs from cheese, mayo (full fat, nothing diet) and cream. Of course, try firstly to fill up on the leafy greens - but you can do that once you've shopped, I'm just being a nag :) I lose more when I have protein and leafy greens, rather than just protein.

Excellent plan to prepare ahead - that is one of the big keys for success on Atkins to help yourself avoid temptation - and try and clear the house of carby stuff if you can.

And I know it seems mad but don't be frightened of using fat to prepare every meal - I cook my morning bacon and eggs in lard, my lunchtime meat in coconut oil, ditto dinner.
lol...the thought of cooking in fat is VERY scary to me lol.....with the full fat mayo, it said in the book not to use one with sugar in !! but the mayo i have does ?!?!?!?!? am confused again lol....

cant wait to go shopping tomorrow and also cant wait until im not stressing about every little thing about this plan :D:D im hoping everyone else felt this way on their first day...
do you find coconut oil gives u such a energy boost

i cooked my bacon in it at night and i couldnt sleep as i had loads of energy

im not tired on this diet at all i think im in keto now

how much r the keto sticks ?



Clean green leafy machine
Camo - check out the Low Carb Shopping sticky - it has loads of the lowest carb things we've all been able to find. I use Oak Lane mayo, but a lot of people go for Hellmans - just make sure it's full fat.

Jessie - lots of people use coconut oil (including me, ooh wonder if it contributed to my insomnia last night?) and report that it seems to help the whoosh fairy along :)

I don't buy the sticks, TBH I think they are a waste of money, because you pretty much know when you're in ketosis - furry tongue, metallic taste in your mouth, pongy pee :)
Hiya LadyFelsham, ihave just been on that thread actually lol...writing things down, but am going to ahve to double check what i can have on the induction phase, am liking the sound of the sausages lol.......i have Asda own mayo, so im sure that will be ifne then, thanks

as for the cocnut oil, i see lots of people on here talking about it, i may have to investigate that too :D


Clean green leafy machine
I eat the Debbie sausages, and the german-type ones :)

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