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OMG, are the scales right???


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Hi everyone

I've just been to my weigh in, and first off I'm wondering if all CDCs use the same weighing scales? My counsellor's look like a set of gray metal scales with no readout on them, and the readout is a separate box connected to the platform with quite a thick cable. Is that the same as everyone else's?

I ask as I'm wondering if the scales are sometimes inaccurate? This is my fifth weigh in and the scales say I lost 10lbs! She weighed me twice because it seemed a huge amount compared to my losses in the past couple of weeks.

Of course if it's accurate that's great, but the mean person who lives inside my head is telling me the scales weren't reading properly and it'll probably look like I haven't lost (or *gasp* gained) weight next week :sigh: Has anyone else had similar experiences in the past?
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They don't sound the same as my CDC, but can't imagine they'd be that wrong so congratulations to you for a fantastic loss!


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If that were me i'd head on down to Boots and get on their scales to be certain. But just think if you have lost 10lbs well done to you its an incredible result hun xxx


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wow hun thats fantastic,
id say the scales is accurate, this diet is fab and really works so just congratulate yourself on a huge loss and stop doubting it.keep up the great work
Don't dwindle on it, if she said 10lb then it's 10lb, brilliant, maybe this is to compensate for your 1.6lb loss in week 3, your body is just making up for it, well done!!


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I would say dont go weighing yourself at boots - stick to the same scales week after week - my councillor refuses to move her scales and they are in the exact same position every week - this is so the reading can not be faulted!!


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WOW!!! Amazing loss in your 5th week!!!! Well done you.. If the scales would have said 3 lbs lost you would have not thought anything of it.. Why would they be inaccurate this week.. believe in them!!! ITS AMAZING.. Keep smiling your doing fab..


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I would agree with Lisa Clare I think it is prob your body making up for the week before you should be very very proud hun xxx
thanks everyone :) I guess it just seemed a little good to be true at first ;-)
Hope everyone is doing well


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Wow well done Nicola!! That is an amazing loss to happen on week 5!!! I hope it keeps you smiling for weeks and weeks!!! (I don't doubt the result of 10lbs at all!!)


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Great loss, and i agree with everyone else that you are just catching up - weight doesn't always come off in regular chunks. Well done you!


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Wow that's SO amazing! That's nearly a stone! Have you been doing anything differently? You can always go to Boots and self weigh, just to check or something, but if you're using your CDc's scales every week then I shouldn't think it would be that inaccurate. Must be making up for the loss you had in week 3!

I'm kind of in the same position. I've had slow losses for ages, always 2lbs for the past 5 weeks except one 3lb loss. Now this week, I was expecting worse than ever as I'm seeing my CDc after 6 days instead of 7, and I'm only on my fourth day and already seem to have lost nearly 4lbs? I feel like something's wrong with me!

Anyway great loss, wish I could do half as well as you! (literally, 5lbs would be amazing ha ha!) xx
Thanks Luci, I haven't done anything differently except have my breakfast a lot later, but I'd expected that to have a negative effect! No idea what has gone on so I'll just have go see what happens at next week's weigh in.


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Wow... that's great! I'd just stick to being weighed on your CDC scales as they are the ones you're weighed on weekly and No doubt the result is correct!!

Keep up the good work x
wow well done on your amazing loss. you are doing fab!!! I wish I was having as big losses as you!!! Not had a good weekend but am going to gym and drink lots of water so hopefully I can get an ok result this week.
Thanks everyone for the kind words. I know it's good advice just to stick to my CD's scales at my weekly weigh ins, but I'm terrible for weighing myself at home morning, noon and night! And the scales haven't moved since my weigh in on friday :( beginning to think someone has sabotaged them...

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