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OMG!!! Has anyone had the cheek to tell you to stop losing weight?`

Just a lil rant a member of my famuky had the audacity to tell me to stop losing weight?
LOL I had to laugh my BMI Is 28.5 I am classed as bloody overweight and she is telling me NO, DON;T STOP NOW!
Is its anyone's business? Made me feel a tad bit low as I thought I mudt look horrendous now for her to make such a statement.
Why can't people just butt out? They don't have to live within our bodies and feel what we feel! AAAAAAAAARGH!!
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I agree, mind your own. It's your body and if you are only loosing to get a healthy bmi,then it's nobody's business but your own. Don't get upset about it, some don't like others to suceed when they are failin somewhere. Your doing good and you are doin it for you.


Fat Fighter
It depends who says it and why they say it. I am really close with my family so if they brought it up I would tell them what I am aiming for and ask them to support me. If it is anyone else then they can stick it.
Well I haven't had that yet, but someone did ask me that if I stuck to the target weight that I want to get to, wasn't I worried about my face and neck looking 'scraggy'!:eek::rolleyes:


can see the end in sight!
people are telling me that i don't need to lose another 3 stone ish etc etc...i just want to tell them to shut up! what do you say to that??


Gone fishing
They started on me when I got to about 16 stone :D

More joined force when I was 15 stone, and my doctor thought she'd join in the chorus when I was about BMI 29:eek:

Fortunately, I just found it interesting, though must admit I found it a little nauseating after a while, and would have liked someone to congratulate me on losing some weight once in a while instead of nagging me.:rolleyes:


Gone fishing
Oh and BTW, I popped into a friends house not long after goal. She hadn't known I was on a diet, and hadn't seen me the whole journey.

She was shocked...almost horrified. Said I'd lost way too much. Looked terrible blah blah. A year later, she told me that I looked just right now I had put on some.

But I hadn't put on a pound. Perhaps my body had shuffled things around, but I think it was more to do with her getting used to the slimmer me. Putting me in another catagory....a friend of normal weight, rather than a slimmer 'former me' IYKWIM
tell them to go forth and multiply.
lol!! this sounds familiar t me!!!

My BF only a few weeks ago told me i didnt need to loose anymore and i was 'fine with how i looked now' but as i so politely told him its not just about appearence but about heath and that im still at the top end of overweight! so this was obviously about his insecurities not mine!

I can dance around the house in a new size pair of trousers excited and i have to force him to take any notice of me.

I also get some of the same comments from my mum- worried that i will get slimmer than her..

Its sad really as these are the people that should be really spurring you on but like oters have said people find it hard t adjust



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I am very lucky. My mam keeps telling me to keep going. Others say I will look too skinny at 9st but my mam tells me to get to 9st and then I will have a bit to "play with". She keeps telling to to "show them". My sister also gives me a lot of encouragement and said she would not let me have anything to eat in her presence and she would kill me if she caught me.
Oh I get it all the time... funilly enough from "friends" who are overweight to obses themselves... I just put it down to jealousy!
Totally know where you're all coming from, it's sooo frustrating!

I'd just got back from the gym with mum and when she was dropping me off home she asked me when i'm going to start eating 'properly' again now i'm slimmer (still obese atm!).. She said 'why don't you have a normal healthy meal once a week to look forward to'... i explained that once you have a little you want a lot and it starts the slippery slope. She then asked how much more i want to lose and i told her i want to lose just over two stone more to be top end of healthy bmi.. she said 'how can you have two more stone to go when you've already lost three??' then 'how much were you before' (with a raise of the eyebrows).. she then clicked that i was just over 17stone beforehand and was gobsmacked.. felt a little hurt to be honest, no positive comments just how big i was before!


Slimming down the aisle
While I understand it, I also know how addictive it can be. And how as people lose weight it can be really easy to lose sight of what is real and think that you're bigger than you are. That you need to keep shrinking. You can't go purely on BMI, but you yourself should know. I spoke to my family about it all. And I know that as we're quite a close family, if they turned around and said Caroline, that's enough now, it's becoming too much, I trust them enough to listen and really consider what they're saying. But I think it's down to you and your relationship with them.


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I find it is either jealousy or concern.
I think if it is coming from a person that really does care about you, it is genuine concern. Most people are not informed about VLCDs so they overly worry and fear them as being a road to an eating disorder. What they don't realise is that anybody who binge eats or overeats to the point of obesity probably already has an eating disorder. Personally I think CD/LL/W8 etc helps people to stop focusing on food and look to the real issues that are causing excess weight.

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