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OMG! I'm so flaming fed up now!


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Went shopping to Iceland the other day and didn't have my SW syn book with me. But I thought Dalepak Veggie Grills - they'll be free on Green.


5.5 syns each :mad:

I'm finding this so bleeding difficult without eating the same things again and again that I'm just about ready to give up.

Sorry ...... rant over :(
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Take yourself to a bookshop or library and submerge yourself in recipie books... go crazy mad and write down all the beautiful things people out there eat.

Then make them Slimming World friendly. I have a massive collection of recipie books and it's very easy.

Getting into a rut has what has messed me up in the past. Don't let it happen to you. Go on the Sainsbury's Website, Waitrose... google and fiddle and find something delicious.

Make yourself a menu for the month and set the challenge of something different everynight (it is possible). There's some lovely food out there.
I'm starting to find it hard too. I've introduced myself to some new foods, like couscous and I'm eating the same foods as before but in different combinations. I experiment a lot.


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I could live on couscous with roasted veggies mmmmmmmmm
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Oh honey, don't get fed up, good lord you can eat such a varied diet on sw, no sense in eating the same things. We have all fallen into that trap!!

Get some sw recipe books, or check out their website for ideas. Take a look at the menu suggestions on their website and on this forum. Look at the recipes on this forum as well for ideas. Just look for things you like and then adapt them if they don't work. Take bolognese for example, use quorn mince instead of mince and make your own lovely sauce that is all free with pasta.



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I have gone back to basics and am writing everything down - if I can see I have had something the previous day I know I should not repeat myself and try to find an alternative. Sometimes it is difficult to mix things up if you have leftovers!


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Im mixing it up too.
Having discovered Alpen lites I can now have my sweet treat with a cuppa after dinner , but now its a healthy extra. These frees up the syns I usually use for this to be used elsewhere. So today I used 8 for a wholemeal pitta bread, toasted it, put fresh tomato slices on it then a tin of pilchards in tomato sauce on top of that then grilled till pilchards were warmed through.

On a red day so tonight will be chicken and stir fry vegetables .

Frozen fruit is reduced in Tesco so have that for later too with a meringue nest.. must look up syns ... and muller ..


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S: 17st9lb C: 17st7lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 40.8 Loss: 0st2lb(0.81%)
Thanks ladies :D

Sorry didn't catch up before now. Went to upgrade my mobi and it's taking a while to get used to the new one LOL.

But that cheered me up a bit. I will start looking for recipes. I do have one for chicken curry actually so will try that this week.


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I have started experimenting a little more with different foods and it's kinda exciting. There is so much we can have and it's surprising how little of it most of us actually do have!

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