OMG is anyone else here bored

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by yummy mummy, 8 April 2007 Social URL.

  1. yummy mummy

    yummy mummy Silver Member

    :sigh: the weather is nice and im soooo bored, ive been out thismorning with hubby ane baby on the bikes but im home now and really havent got nothing to do. babay is sleeping and i really dont know what to do with myself! any ideas? ive wanted a bbq for ages and now find that i have no coal and sod all to put on it. what a crap ay im havin all i want to do is go to the oub eat the entire menu and get P***ed, anyone feel the same?
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  3. kittykat

    kittykat Gold Member

    get in the arcade that will past the time believe me i was up all nite playing on it
  4. yummy mummy

    yummy mummy Silver Member

    im so crap at those games but im gonna give it a go!!
  5. kittykat

    kittykat Gold Member

    challenge me on the burst a baloon !!
  6. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

    burst a it DO IT!!!

    I'm is boring........:(
  7. Patricia07

    Patricia07 Member

    hope you enjoyed the game!
  8. yummy mummy

    yummy mummy Silver Member

    im back now i played thay balloon gam and couldnt do it, cant use my laptop to fast i need a mouse.
  9. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    I have the problem. Laptop touch thingy isn't fast enough, and the mouse jumps around all over the place:rolleyes:

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