OMG I've got an interview for a job!


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Having not worked for over 14 years as I was bringing up my kids I'm going back to work! And have already got an interview for the one job I really want!
Part-time term time only Phlebotomist! Its covering for 1 year maternity leave which is so ideal for me as I'm hoping to do my nurse training in January 2008! So now I really have a good reason to lose weight....I hate white clothes! and if I get the job I have to wear a white uniform! YUK! nothing worse for me than a huge white uniform! What a stupid colour though for a Phlebotomist!! you'd think it would be red!
Fingers crossed please everyone....

Kamilla x
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Hi Kamilla,

That is just wonderful news and I am so happy for you.

Wishing you luck at your interview and I know you will be terrific:)

Love Mini xxx
Good luck Kamilla!! I really hope you get it!!

I've also got an interview tomorrow morning for a part-time Marketing Assistant job. Very local, and only 12 hours a week which would fit in nicely with setting up my CDC/coaching business. Fingers crossed! :)
Hi Kamilla,

That gives you plenty of time to prepare and lose and look your best for it.

You have a lot to offer and I am sure you will do very well.

Love Mini xxx
Ahh thanks Mini,

I did call them earlier just to ask a few questions. Anyway, lady I spoke to said I was shortlisted out of 41 applications! WOW! shocked or what there are 3 others :eek:. So if anyone feels like bumping the others off the coast is clear for me! LOL of course I am joking.....may the best person win! as long as its me!!
Great news! Wishing you lots of love and luck, not that you'll need it, as long as you warm, caring personality shines through you will walk it!;)

This is FANTASTIC news!!!! :D Soooo looking forward to hearing all the details,
Thanks Diva! & Booby!
Very nervous already and thats not a good thing as I stutter when I'm nervous :eek:.!!!!!!
Kamilla xx
Ahh kam,
that's great news, it's soo nice reading when things come together for peeps :p

good luck :)