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omg just noticed


Step away from the chips!
I thought i was bad getting to 9am this morning before realising i hadnt had my breakfast shake lol
Do you stop being hungry once you're in ketosis then? There is no way I wouldn't notice right now (on day 2) I have breakfast shake at half 8 am starving by half 11 and don't get my lunch til 1. And now I'm starving again so I'll have my dinner shake at 5.15 then I'll be hungry again in a few hours. Last night I caved in and had a tin of tuna because I was so hungry there's no way I could have slept. And I am talking hunger pains not just feeling like eating :sigh:
yes krissy defo!! give it about 5 days and you wont be hungry!! stick with it...

try spliting your packs too hun, instead of having 3 a day you can have 3 but made into 6 .. ? if that makes sense?
Thank God I would be hate to be starving for the next 4 months!! I will try that thanks. I am swapping the soups for shakes too because I can't handle the disappointment of another bland soup. I usually eat quite a lot of salt I think that might be why


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Krissy, i am at day 4 today and i haven't felt particularily hungry today so hang in there for another couple of days xx
:D Would you have believed a few months ago that you could go a whole day without food, and not notice?:eek::D

It's amazing what this Ketosis lark does for you!

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