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OMG!!!!! MOrtified!!

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I took my daughter to a dental clinic for nervous patients where she had to have gas. As she's coming round, I'm still a bit traumatised but amde conversation

Me: I remember having gas when I was young
Nurse: I'd never even seen one of these macines until I came to this country
Me: Where are you from then?
Nurse: Germany
Me: Don't they gas children in Germany then?
Whole room: SILENT!!!!!!

Oh My God!!!!!!!
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Lmao oh dear lord you really have cheered me up!!! Oops innocent mistake don't worry Hun x


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chiefbridesmaid said:
Lmao oh dear lord you really have cheered me up!!! Oops innocent mistake don't worry Hun x
HUN oops, there goes another gaff ;)
i am sorry but i smiled at this, i always say the wrong thing. i hope the woman was ok with you after it.


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Me and husband just laughing at what went on probably not funny at the time for you. Husband went oooooooohhhh

big bear

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Oh dear, very funny but well embarrassing for you...


This time its for keeps!
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That is so like something I would do ............like the time i said to some one 'oh are you out with your grandchild?' To which I received a frosty stare and the remark, no I am out with my daughter'

unfortunately the ground did not swallow me up....................


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ROFL....that is something I'd probably say! I'm sure she knew what you meant!
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Well she sort of tried to ignore it. Knew she didn't know if I was being funny or not. She then said, 'you have to be careful what you say sometimes don't you'. 'Oh yes' I said. It was the way I phrased it that was worse. It was becuase I had been messing about earlier saying, that I was going to get B gassed at work, and it just came out like that. I was worried aobut B and just trying to make small talk whilst concentrating on her! Then B said to me, 'Can we always come to this dentist'. No Bubs we can't!! Again!!! Ever!!!!


Now to maintain.....
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hahaha....ooo im sorry i can appreciate your embarrasment but my god thats hilarious!!!!
LOL !! thanks for sharing - nice to know I'm not the only sufferer of footinmouthitis...


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know it's bad, but, psml, sounds like something i'd come out with:D
omg so funny that was brilliant, sorry for you being mortified but i seriously had tears laughing there x

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