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OMG Really Bad Head!!

Yesterday started of really well, I coped with the hunger pangs and just occupied myself. It wasn't untill around 4pm when i noticed a headache was starting. I had put it down to the roads being re tarmacked where I work. It was bearable so plodded along.

OMG by 7pm it was throbbing!! I took 3 paracetamol and by 9pm it was so painfull It brought tears to my eyes :cry:. I honestly felt like eating something just to see if that would help as i had read that LP for the first few days can cause it.

Has anyone else had headaches this bad and how you have got rid of them? I still have a niggling headache today and had some painkillers almost drank 2 pints of water too. I really hope this is a faze and will go soon. :wave_cry:

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Oh dear - i really feel for you. I expect the tarmac isnt helping but it might just be a severe carb withdrawal? did you eat lots of carbs before LT?

i had a thumping head for the first week but then it eased off and havent really had them since!

I hope yours eases off.

hope you are drinking loads of water as well as having your shakes. dehydration can cause bad heads.
Well to be honest I would say yes could well be when i look at what i was eating. Sandwiches/rolls for dinner then Curry with chips, pizza chinese with chips mc d's theres my answer!!!

I hope it goes soon, what painkillers are ok to take?


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Also make sure you are drinking a minimum of 2 litres preferably more water.

Carb withdrawal and dehydration can both lead to headaches, in combination I reckon they would be awful.

Even dry foods like bread have a high water content so you will need to be making up for this by drinking between 2-4.5l as well as your shakes.

Hope you are feeling a tad better today.


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Paracetamol is fine but try and avoid anything with codiene (Solpadiene etc) in it. It may lead to constipation which can be an issue for some on LT especially if your fluid intake is lowish.


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Hi Becci,
hope you are feeling better today, the headaches are a problem, but only for a short while. You will soon be free of them, water helps, so drink up to 4.5 litres if you can. Paracetemol are fine as long as they are the cheap kind, not sugar coated, but some people have taken any ones without affecting weight loss.
Hope you start to feel better soon, look at it this way, this is the last time you will ever go through these symptoms, as soon you will be carb free, in ketosis and losing that weight you want to lose. A headache is worth that, isn't it?
Just keep the water intake up and am sure it will pass in no time
Once again thanks for all your kind replies. I have been drinking just under 3ltrs of water yesterday and today. The headache seems to get stronger from around 5pm. Must say it is not as overwhelming as last night.

Huggs Bx


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Yey, glad your headache is subsiding. Well done on getting through it. Good luck with the rest of the week.


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hi, i on week 2 day 4 (i think) and like u i had headaches last week i just took pain killers and went to bed early it will pass and will be worth it, stick with it :)
HEy miss, I was the exact same for exactly the first week and then it stopped. Another thing did u used to drink coffe? Cos I did and stopped cos the thought of coffe without milk was just mining. So i started drinking an espresso with lots of water (Americano) and it went.

Ah sure it will be gone soon.Best of luck!


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No I aint a coffee or tea drinker, my flaw was Pepsi Max!!! Theres the reason!! It has gone now woop woop!!
Hi Becci :)

Glad to hear the rotten headache has almost gone! Sounds like probably a combination of carb withdrawal and caffeine withdrawal from the Pepsi:rolleyes::D

Isis xx


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How r u now becci? are headaches gone? i told my 9yr old i lost 9lb last week explained it like 9 bags of sugar she was amazed an every day asks me "did u break diet" i know she doesn't realise she is doing it but she is so encouraging me not to! i feel like i've won the lotto and i've only 9lb gone cant wait till monday's weigh in :)

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