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OMG so ill last night thought I was in labour !!

Hi , well last night I had a meal and a few hours later was in total agony ! I have never felt pain like it and it was very similar to labour pains . Huge waves of agony around my upper abdomen and round my back , causing my not to be able to breath properly and followed by severe vomitting :(
After looking up past questions on here .. it seem to point towards Gallstones , which it seems are a big risk to people who loose weight quickly ( 44 % more likely to get gallstones if you loose more than 22lb in a 2 yr period !!!) .. so i am now terrified that this will be a regular occurance now :(

anyone else have any expereince ??? my poor OH was so scared but i wouldnt let him call the Dr !!! but he works away in the week so what do I do if i get an attack when i am on my own with my 2 small children ??? :cry:
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Get yourself checked out ASAP

I had this when i was 21. Ended up having my gall bladder removed at the point of collapsing in serious pain...i passed out.

Have since been through 2 seperate labours with two babies and would take 10 labours over another gall bladder attack lol.. have never felt pain like it

Docs...asap for an ultrasound.
If the meal was large or fatty your gallbladder could just have been kicking off.

When you go on the Cambridge you really detox from lots of things and although there is a proportion of fat in the packs your body will not be used to the amount it probably used to be able to tollerate.

Same with alcohol, you detox from and after a few weeks one or two glasses of wine can literally floor you where in the past it would seemingly have little effect.

It could just be too much in one go too soo.

Hopefully KD will be around as she has been through this.


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Aww hun hope you're feeling a little better *hugs* I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago and ended up having my gallbladder removed, mine was from eating too much fatty foods though lol. Hope you'll be ok xx
the meal was actually quite healthy , chicken and peppers and some spices .. in a tortilla , so nothing very fatty . I am hoping it may be a 1 off although now I am worried about what will happen when I finish and start eating normal meals again :(


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Hi Katy i can really sympathise with you as i get massive gall stone attacks when i am overweight. Luckily when i lose the weight it seems to make things better for me, so far anyway.

The pain is unlike anything i have ever had before so poor you!!
Try not to panic too much, it could have been the spicy food as that can kick it off too.
As said, if you get it again then you should go see your doc and they can confim it for you, they sent me to hosp for ultrasound, i had a beauty!

Hope you are feeling better now xx


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aw hun i hope your feeling better.i have had gallstones and kidney stones, if the pain was around the lower back area then i would say kidney stones.i have to call 999 when i have kidney stones as the pain is unbearable, you really should get it checked asap tom.is there family near by to help with kiddies? xx


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When I had gallstones the pain was abdominal and radiating around to my back (transferred pain) so wouldn't be at all suprised.

Twinkle is going through the same probs at the moment, check out her thread

Hope you get it sorted soon

Charlie x


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Sounds like the pain l had last year absolute agony. Go to your doctor asap. That's what l did, was referred for a scan, had to have my gallbladder removed. Glad l did now, as l never ever would want to experience that pain again.
not sure whether to go to the Doctor or wait and see if it happens again ?? I still have a few niggly pains in my back but not had the labour like pains I had the other night .. OMG I dont ever want to go through that again , I thought I was gonna die !!!


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I wouldn't wait for it to happen again, go to the doctors so at least you can rule it out :) xxx


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I think you should go to the docs because even if your not i'm really worried bout you x x


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Don't wait for it to happen again. Please go to the doctor asap. A few days before my scan appointment l had the second attack, it resulted in me having a high risk of pancreatitis.
The sooner you find out for sure what it is the better.
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I had my gallbladder removed 12 wks ago. The pain is just awful like you have described and you cannot breath through the pain.

I would go to the dr, he will want to do blood test. Although my blood test came back clear so I dont really trust them. He may also send you for a scan. He should then give you some anti flams and pain killers incase it happens again. i was also told I could take ibprofen on top of that.

I had been having attack for well over 12 months before we new what was happening. My last attack was the worse as the pain just didnt stop. I ended up with a stone stuck in my bile duct and was operated on 2 weeks later. INSTANT pain relif, it was wonderful.

I hope all goes well with the dr for you and you dont end up having another attack. If you hibby is not home when it happens again and they usually happen at night I would just call the emergency Dr out who can give you some strong pain killer.

ETA: Its not alway caused by diet. Mine ended up being hereditary (cheers dad!)
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