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omg! took my first shake and threw up


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Aww Im sorry to hear that Kelly, if you threw it all up perhaps you should try another, a different flavour? Luckily I quite enjoy all the shakes (except vanilla) and don't need to add anything to them to make them palatable although I remember first couple of times around it took a few days for me to get used to their weird flavour. For the choc and strawberry I use less water (and drink more) to make them thicker and add lots of ice after to make it nice and cold, that certainly works for me. Hang in there and dont give up just yet. Hope the next one is better :)
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oh dear, tried chocolate and the same thing happen after only a mouth full, what to do now....my taste buds really dont like at all, destined to be fat or back to weight watchers i guess.

hubby thinks i should just keep going but if i cant drink em then i'm not technically eatin at all just drinking water and i'm gonna end up ill.
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I no your suposed to have them within 15 mins but i think if maybe u just sip them and have a glass of water to sip inbetween? could help?

Hope your day gets better hun x
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Have you tried the vanilla one with a spoonful of coffee? I just throw it all into the blender with ice and sip slowly. I missed a few in the begining too because i'd sooner eat my hand but they've grown on me. I still only have the vanilla one.



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How about trying the chocolate or vanilla as a mousse? They taste like cake mix to me and as they are quite claggy (?) they fill me up. It's worth a go - lots of people don't like the shakes at first but your taste buds will change if you stick at it. You should also try the flapjacks. I know lots of people hate them but I don't mind them at all.
Don't mean to nag either, but remember you're not really supposed to like or enjoy them. They are designed to be palatable rather than enjoyable.
If you REALLY can't take any of it you should try something else - I believe the Cambridge diet has a wider selection of meal replacements, so maybe that would suit you better?

Take care, and good luck



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I agree with the vanilla coffee! Do a vanilla with a spoon of coffee and they taste amazing! I have one every morning! I found that at first the shakes had a malty taste but now they just taste like chocolate, vanilla or strawberry! They definatly get better after a while
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Have you tried drinking them with a straw? The first few weeks they used to make me gag, but the straw really helped.

Stick with it, I'm sure you'll get used to them! Now I don't even think about it & I used to dread having them. Good luck!


irish molly

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Poor you. I agree with all the previous suggestions. Most importantly, if this continues you will have to rethink. You can't just live on water as you will have no nutrition. I have read on here about some people finding Be-Yu much more palatable, so it could be an option if all else fails. Anyway, hope you can master LT as it is great once you get used to it.

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