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OMG!! Totally blown it!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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As the title says I have completly blown my diet!!:break_diet:

It started Friday at a birthday meal and I was trying to be sooo good!!:cry:
Saturday and sunday well!!!!
I really dont want to weigh in on Wednesday x
Then don't go, join the slippery slope to not going to weigh ins after each bad meal, day, week and then undo all of your great achievements so far...

Or, draw a line under your weekend, accept that you may put on, sts or even loss this week at weigh in and know the reason for it and then get back on track.

You can do this, don't let one weekend blow all your good work xxx
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Thanks for this x I will deffo go to weigh in just have to get back on the wagon and put it all behind me xx


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I always find it beneficial to go to WI when I know that I have put on. Mainly because when i am in group and hear how fantastically everyone else has done, it makes me more determined to be one of those people the next week.

(Same can't be said for this week though :( I put a pound on last week, was really determined to do well this week, but unfortunatly being a student meant that my finances would n't allow me to shopping so have just eaten what is in the cupboard and freezer none of which is sw friendly :(

Back on track from Wed!

Hope your wi goes well! And if you do put on, just forget about it and move on! xx
be good from now go & get weighed, find out what the "damage" is & move on. We all slip up some times, we are only human afterall so don't worry yourself to much about it.

Its when you blow it every day there's a prob!

Good luck Wednesday btw & if its any consolation, my WI is tonight!! lol


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Just go and face the music - you still have 3 days to claw it back

I have been shocking this weekend - weighed in this morning and have sts but have annoyed myself with it. Back on track now
S: 13st6lb C: 13st4lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st2lb(1.06%)
Thanks Ladies for all your comments xx I am back on track now x I am just gonna lock my childs Easter egg cupboard xx;)


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like the others have said, draw a line under it ... it is over and done with now and you can't change the past.... but you can change the future !!! Go for it !!
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I find that when I slip up, I need to go to class. because...

"It doesn't matter how many times you fall as long as you can pick yourself up and carry on"

...and maybe it means it might take a big longer to get to goal, but you will get there at your own pace, and at a pace you and your body can handle.

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i did the same thing hun last week i get weighed on a sat and i was terriable sat sun tuesday and i tried (but din't really try) thursday fri but i was pleased at wi on sat i sts.
its my birthday on wed and i told myself i would be good till wed then back on it but its not happening to many eggs about


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Everyone has had bad weekends (mine's just gone!!) but I've found the most successful slimmers are those who 'fess up to their failings and still go to WI. You've probably done very little damage anyway and this way, you acknowledge what you have done and take responsibility for it and then move on. Which is exactly what it sounds like you've done - so well done for that!

Good luck on Wednesday, and remember you haven't blown it. Just had a little slip, that's all.


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You haven't blown it, not at all. One bad day does not mean its all blown, and you are already back on track so actually thats pretty damn good. Its important to practice the whole 'getting back on track' thing, its an important skill to learn!!!


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My C says its always about the good the bad and the ugly, to not go, is almost like being dishonest to yourself. You are always gonna have times when you fall off the wagon, no point burying your head in the sand pretending it didn't happen, and no point in beating yourself up about it, your human! We are not infallible, it would be unrealistic to expect it never to happen. Its what you do when it does happen thats important. So get back on track and go and get weighed! You will be fine, the ground wont open up and swallow you I promise! ;)


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you can always ask your consultant that you dont want to know your weight at all and you dont HAVE to get weighed you cna go for image therapy all the same and just skip the weeks weigh in if its really an issue. get back on plan you will be fine!!

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