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Omg Urgent Situation!!!!!please Help!


is Special :P
Ok just found out thanks to another fabulous person off this site that i probably can't take my sole source sachets to Australia. Im going to find out if i can take lactose free ones instead and cope on 3 flavours but WHAT IF I CANT?????????

Ill HAVE TO EAT!!! OK huge panic. What do i do? if i have to eat what do i eat to stop me putting on weight. When you come off SS you're supposed to put on a little as your body gets used to your new heathy diet but i really cant afford to......its my best friends wedding and the dress is fitted completely. If i put on a pound it wont fit............... HELP!!!

Taz x :confused:
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
When are you going???

It would be advisable to maybe be on the 1000 or 1200 before you go which will allow more flexibility whilst your away.
You need to have a chat with your CDC and see what they advise.
can you not take tetras. they are sealed. i remember going abroad but was allowed to carry the cartons of ready made baby milk ... same kind of thing. you can always check with the airline or the austrailian embassy . products that have been sealed are then sterilised so dont really pose a threat !
if not you will have to eat chicken and green salad. cottage cheese.... maybe have alook at the plans for 790 and 1000 just to get some ideas.


is Special :P
K i have rung Australian customs and anything with milk products like skim milk powder and sodium something or other will be confiscated.....it also means that you wont be able to post these items into the country.
So no shakes or soups.
I asked about the lactose free but i am going to play it safe. My grandma has tracked down a Cambridge Counsillor in Perth and she has agreed to supply me with my original signed doctors certificate as my BMI is still quite high. So i can take some shakes on the plan and have one just before i leave the airport and pick up shakes from this lady the day i arrive.
As long as i see her while im there and agree to get my blood pressure checked on the monday.
Thank god....huge stress averted......now just mini stress untill i actually secure my hands on said shakes.
Taz x
That is a huge relief and well done for wanting to stick to the plan whilst you are away!

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