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OMG! What does everyone do??

Omg i have to say that i am finding weekends soooooo hard on cambridge, i've got an 18mnth old so used to not going out every weekend, but i really feel as though i have nothing to look forward to.

Don't get me wrong i think this diet is AMAZING! but...... i can't help but feel that every day is the same, how does everybody treat themselves?

Mine used to be an occasional night out/night away with the hubster or more often a take away and bottle of wine in front of xfactor or something similar, which is obviously why i've ended up this fat.

Any suggestions would be greatly recieved......

H xxx
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hey hun i know exactly how u feel! try having a relaxing bath with bubbles and candles or reading a good book, or playing a game or something i know taht sounds silly but i have been playing buzz and guitar hero loads and its sooo much fun and you can play them for hours! or maybe pampering yourself, doing your nails, your hair, facials? or any hobbies you have new or old, take them up again? xxx
Hi Delilah,

lololol great minds think alike.....am currently sporting bright red talons, never wear polish normally!

Great idea re game, i might go and dig out the old playstation and blast out some singstar tunes lol.

Thanks for your post



getting slimmer
i know exactly how you feel, i'm dying to call the chinese, taking alot of will power not to!! x
I found the same thing! ha I have nail varnish on too, havent bothered with my nails of years! I didn't realise until I gave up food that I had been using it to entertain myself all these years and to treat myself and to celebrate it being a Friday night or a weekend, it's hard at first but you just find yourself other stuff to do. Have just bought a Wii and find playing tennis or bowling in the living room quite fun.
But my thought is that this is not forever, I can have those treats when I get to goal...but maybe not as often as I had them before!!

Keep at it honey, it does get easier
Yep, bloody hard those weekends! But I think that whereas with other diets, you had the occasional food treats, this diet means you have to find other nonfood treats. Strange getting used to that, but it's good for the long run! x


Trying to stay positive..
Hi Delilah,

lololol great minds think alike.....am currently sporting bright red talons, never wear polish normally!

Great idea re game, i might go and dig out the old playstation and blast out some singstar tunes lol.

Thanks for your post

I usually play RPG games (role-playing games) like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, I go out with my friends, and watch TV shows:) Seriously, when I play RPG games I totally forget about being hungry and stop craving food, because when I start playing, I can't stop for hours:) Unfortunately, I also smoke. So when I combine RPG with smoking and a TV show running in the background, I'm in heaven:)
Don't want to sound mean, but i'm glad its not just me who struggles at weekends at least i know there are others feeling my pain lol!

I usually spend time on minis or tidying up, and I also use my weekends to sort out clothes as I get slimmer- trying stuff on etc. Try and mix it up with a few more 'active' activities like household cleaning, washing etc. then spend the rest of the time pampering myself and making myself feel good- whether thats trying on a pair of trousers and finding they fit, or giving myself a face pack and sitting down in front of the telly to watch BB/X-factor! x
I am finding the weekends hard as well - during the week, I am at work and don't get home until about seven so the evenings fly past.

Now weekends are a different story... I was used to meeting friends for lunch or dinner .. Am having to find new ways to fill my time to take mind off food - am not hungry as such, just crave some types of food!!

Going for walks, gym etc are my saviours !!
I have tried to ban tv due the week and tend to have a big tv gauge at the weekend. I go on a 'big walk' say 2 hours minimum or to somewhere new. I also made a pledge to myself to go out on my bike. x


A pound at a time
I am trying to learn to give myself non food rewards. For every 10 pounds I lose I get something done in the salon or buy some kind of beauty product that I normally don't buy cause it's a little expensive. And my big gift to myself when I get to goal is a new laptop. It might not sound like much but with 4 kids and all their expenses a new laptop is a real treat. Keep at it and eventually you wont miss all the take outs.
I find it harder on weekends but not a lot more... i think once you start loosing the weight you can treat yourself to new clothes. i am starting to realize i enyoy shopping and trying on clothes much more than i used to..and i have a long way to go! so i am getting scared of whet i'll be like when i get to my goal! :) nice treats could also be going to see a movie ( i know it's hard with no poocprn BUT if you take a bar and water you'll not miss it i think ) mabye like othes suggested treating yourself to a facial or hairdresser?

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