OMG what have I done ...


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I feel really ,really bad :break_diet:

we went out today and I just so wanted a double sausage and egg mcmuffin with 2 hash browns ( I'd promised myself one for payday)..
well, what a load of poop it was too !!
what a total waste of 29 syns:eek::eek: and 7 for the hash browns= 36 !!

I wont be doing that again- got it out of my system
at least I havent had many syns for the last 2 days so I worked it out that actually in the last 2 days i have only used 19 in total- leaving 11 so in real terms i have had-10 over my limit today
(36 syns- 15 im allowed=21 - 11 that i havent had leaves- 10, so not too bad)

But I swear I will not be doing that again
what a waste :(:(

now tommorow night im gonna have to be really careful cos its our works xmas dinner :eek::eek::eek:
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Ahhh... this is something we have all done in one form or another..... the great thing is you have embraced how it made you feel and you need to hold on to that as it will be your inspiration to keep to it now.

If you hadn't you done what you did you would have also been dreaming this is your perfect meal and now you know that it isn't.

I have found now that my taste buds are just so good... they were very good to start with but now I have to say... I taste all things in my food and enjoy them...

So now a fresh start for you and GOOD LUCK.

Have lots of SS foods and water and more fiber and you may find it won't knock you too much.


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Hi, yes we've all done it unless we are angels! - at least you've got right back into it - its so easy to give up completely so well done and hope you have a good works meal

Mrs V

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I used to do this all the time!
I get a craving for something to the point that I idolise it...until I eat it and think to myself how awful it really was and what a waste!!!
Never mind, as long as you are careful now, you will be fine.


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I think you should give yourself a pat on the back for working out the syns and then working out how many you have left for the week. I see nothing wrong with this. If you want to use 36 syns in one day then that's your decision and the beauty of SW is that you can do that and then just reduce your syns on other days and it should all balance out.


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got it out your system draw a line under it move on i was really naughty llast night i had chicken wings at chiquitos and a wrap i am feeling rubbish today but hey what can you do knowone is perfect XXX


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I done the same last week :cry: really fancied some cheesecake, had done for 2weeks! was quite high in syns too (37 1/2 for a slice!). Ate it and thought I didn't enjoy that at all and I just went and wasted all those syns. So I stayed super good the rest of the week and still managed to lose 3 3/4 lbs so although I wasted my syns I still had a really good week. Think it actually made me work harder for the loss as I felt so bad about wasting those syns for that lol! ;)