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OMG - what just happened?!!


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Well, I've not 'lapsed' since 25 October 2008....apart from just five minutes ago! Aaagh!

I'm shattered, had busy day, picked up one of the kids this evening, making me late back - put baby to bed and cooked the tea for the other kids, hubby meanwhile is in the golf club after watching Everton lose the their match. I'd planned on having a couple of glasses of wine, measured out so I knew what I was having. As it was, I just poured a large glass and then filled the glass up later after I'd finished cooking. I had my usual 'measured out' tea, but the extra wine has just lead me to taking three handfuls of Mars Planets that I'd treated my daughter to. :-(

Apart from not having really tasted them because I've probably had more wine than I intended, I SO did not plan to have this chocolate tonight and was looking foward to a couple of weeks time when I could have chocolate legally for the first time since last year.

I'm such a rule follower - all I can say is that wine is the devil's drink - I can't believe that two glasses have just basically lead me to three handfuls of chocolate!!

Darn it! :copon:
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S: 16st5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 3st6lb(20.96%)
PS - I feel sick!!
Oh poor you Poppy. Don't worry though - maybe we get these moments to remind us not to get complacent and take our eye off the ball.
It is definitely true that it's harder on RTM and managment than total abstinence.
I hardly drink at all now, maybe half a small glass of wine just to be sociable, but quite honestly it doesn't bother me.
Iused to regularly drink a whole bottle of wine on a week-end evening.
You'll be fine I know.Just think of it as a
learning experience.
Tomorrow is another day.:)


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LOL. Like SB I think we'll all face these moments especially after a drink. Don't worry about it, at least you've recognised what happened (in record time as well) so you can be more alert to the possibility next time.

The question to ask is how you want to manage these times in the future. Personally I enjoy having a drink, and it's control over how much and when I want to learn as opposed to avoiding all together. After a glass of wine is when my emotional/habitual hunger really starts to show it's face so this also gives me more learning opportunities. I suspect it's similar with you as well from the sound of things.

As SB says - you'll be fine :)


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S: 16st5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 3st6lb(20.96%)
LOL! Hi you two - I think that I may have been slightly tipsy last night, and from looking at the wine bottle, I maybe had just over half of it, so not surprising really!! ;-)

It's all good - I was a bit depressed last night and totally dramatised the whole thing in my head - that was it, I was going to put all six stone back on and had totally throw everything out of the window in my head. Gawd, drama queen!

Anyway, perspective has been regained this morning - as SB says, it's a learning experience and I realise that wine will mean I probably will not choose to eat wisely afterwards. Not going to stop drinking altogether, but I'll be aware next time! I was actually going to have a glass on Thursday night as it was the start of my weekend as I'd taken Friday off, and it was a habit that I'd always have a drink then pre LL. Then I was going to have one Friday night, but decided not to again. So I'm fine making choices sober! LOL!

Thanks you two - I wonder if it's because I'm so close to finishing LL - bread trigger week next week will be interesting, as will week 12 snacks week (ooh, chocolate). I think maybe I was testing myself a little.

Anyway, I'll make sure I am extra active today to compensate! I'm already straight back on plan this morning, so no drama after all!

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