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omg why did i do it !!

Well ive dropped a right bollock this weekend , i cant get to class this week (kids of school) so decided to have the weekend off the diet , BIG mistake 2 bottles of wine pasta cabonara chicken sunday dinner with mash and roast sticky apple pud and this is just the stuff i can remember , i feel like ***** this morning but im right back on it i hate feeling like this i need to come up with a plan were i can get to class when the kids are off other wise ill do this every time , so im gonna get my thinking cap on , and im going to go on my tredmill now and try some damage limitation i may be gone a while lol x
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Awww try not to worry, we all have a little time off every now and again. Its good for the soul hehe. Your back into it now and thats what matters. I was away at weekend, definately have a gain as went hell for leather, but I'll get it off this week. Good luck!!!! xx (((hugs)))
I would try to limit the damage by just stickin to dailys & have no weeklies. Why can't you go to class cos of the kids? Are you using them as an excuse? Lol I'm sure there's a way round it x
The class i go to is in town and as ive got 5 kids (not all mine im a childminder) and no transport , as i cant drive it nigh on immposible to get there , but im back on it now and wont be having any weeklys
It's great that you've got straight back on it, don't feel guilty about what you ate over the weekend that isn't going to undo it and will only make you feel bad and I bet you weren't quite as naughty as you would have been pre-WW anyways. It is always hard when you know you'll be skipping a week, perhaps you could find an alternative group to weigh in at during half terms etc that might be better suited for your school holiday schedule.

Morgenmuffel x
I had 2 bottles of wine almost (all pointed) & I still feel like I've done some damage. I had pizza Friday (pointed) but still doesnt stop me worrying im not gonna lose. Argh!

I hate that feeling when you know you've been bad, this is the only diet I've ever stuck to, simply because after bad episodes I've brushed myself off and got back on it :)

I'm gonna only eat when I'm starving & try leave a few dailies here n there, damage limitation :)
tomjess1 said:
The class i go to is in town and as ive got 5 kids (not all mine im a childminder) and no transport , as i cant drive it nigh on immposible to get there , but im back on it now and wont be having any weeklys
So glad u managed to find the motivation to get back on it. I'm exactly the same if I know I can't get to class, I go into rebel mode & stick 2 fingers up to the diet. I then kick myself when I'm struggling to undo the damage. Stick with it, at least it's only 1 week & back to class next week x
I have done this for the last 2 weeks as I missed 2 WI's due to work. I have eaten all round me and feel like complete s**t so I completely sympathise! dreading going to WI tomorrow but I know if I don't I will just keep filling my face!

good luck getting back on track!
At least you counted the points. That isn't that bad, just means you had your dailys & weeklies all at once. If you stick to just daily allowance rest of the week you should be fine :)
Thanks you guys i knew i could count on you , its only this week that i will struggle as im looking after more kids then normal (covering another childminders hols) i made the plan to go off the diet on friday and is was like i was possesed after that but i knew in the back of my mind that i would get back on it once the weekend was over , and thankfully i have hopefully i wont make the same mistake again :) x


Overweight or undertall?!
linski24 said:
Was my birthday yesterday ... Had 62 points :-( 1point soups for rest of the week ....
It's my birthday on Friday and I'm not brave enough to count lol x

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