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OMG wind!

haha, yes i get wind too but the good thing is at least im not scared to break wind like i was on atkins! also a side effect of using the vibration machine gives you wind as well. so i am double trouble :D:D:D:8855:


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Has the vibration thing actually shown results!! I'm completely dubious of the effortless exercise thing!! Too good to be true?! But if it works I'm all game!! :)

They also seem quite expensive!! Where was yours from?

:) Rhi :)
Theres a place by me like a beauty salon that has one and its £8 a session. I'd love to try but i have zero confidence and think everyone will be thinking do some proper excercise fatty.
Have looked and they're between £50 a week and £50 a month to hire, depending on spec!! Too expensive for me!! :( might look at buying one after holidays out the way!! :)
you could get one from ebay?! :D
yes i know the vibration plate works for me. i was stalling with my weight big time and when i got the vibration machine i started losing again. i also noticed that my stomach, legs, bum are getting smaller and firmer and i swear my celulite is going away! and i have had so many comments about my face looking thinner as it also works your double chin. my machine makes me feel good. i have the one that is £99 from argos.
looks really good ill maybe get one,, mind you OH will say oh no not another fad lmfao
well i suppose if i lied like that to him he would let me buy it lol
Has anyone noticed any other unpleasant changes? My poop is small and hard even though i'm drinking loads of water. Anyone else having a similar problem?
Hey Sarah!!

I've experienced a number off different side effects!! I've been constipated to the point of tears as well as being on the loo every ten mins with the squits!!

I've had hard ones, soft ones, big ones, small
ones, dry ones and wet ones!! I think it's just our bodies getting confuse and trying to settle into having physically less in them!!

The only way to tell if you're getting nough water is by how you feel, if you're not overly knackered and aren't suffering with headaches, and your pee is relatively light in colour, you're getting enough and could try some natural laxatives to make having a number two more comfortable. I think prunes and grapes are notoriously good, and can be factored into snacks allowance!!

Sorry to anyone is that was TMI but I'm sure we've all been in similar boat!!


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