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Did your scales weigh more than the pharmacies ones to start with...did you get weighedin the morning in the pharmacy and later in the day today...you can put 2 pound on with fluid as the day goes on and then lose it by the morning.Stay off the scales x


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Hiya hun, its the worst thing you can you is weigh in the house, but i must admit i am guilty of this as well. Stay off you home scales and you will be fine. Good luck with your weighing. xxx


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big mistake! your scales at home are most likely different to the ones at the pharmacy. stick to one pair of scales and you wont be disappointed. every set of scales gives a slightly different result. I dont think you have put anything on. Its impossible as this is the week that u will lose the most weight

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I threw my scales away to stop the temptation of keep getting on them. Also I thought if I cheated I wouldnt go back if I hadnt lost weight. Scales tend to weigh slightly differently also depends on time of day you weigh yourself. Goodluck if you stick to it you will lose weight.XX


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ditch those scales...put them away where you can't get at them! I have to admit to being a serial weigher! lol. But then mine do match the pharmacy.

Keep with a weekly weigh in, its much better :)