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On 810? Pop on in here...


So today is the start of 2 weeks (at least) on the 810 step. Thought it might be an idea to have a wee thread like the SS+ one, where if on the plan we can discuss whats on and how we're doing without rubbing the food allowances in everyone elses face.

If there is already an 810 thread, let me know and I'll delete this or move it.

So what is 810?

  • 3 CD packs per day
  • 3 tablespoons of allowable vegetables
  • 340ml skimmed milk
One of the protein options

  • 250g plain cottage cheese (5% fat)
  • 325g reduced fat cottage cheese (less than 5% fat)
  • 175g Chicken/Turkey breast without skin/fat
  • 275g white fish fillet
  • 260g canned tuna in water (drained)
  • 190g fresh Tuna steak
  • 275g quorn pieces/mince
  • 400g firm tofu
Allowable Veggies:

Green Salad leaves, such as rocket, lambs lettuce, watercress, raddicho, little gem or romaine lettuces

Celery, cucumber or red radishes, courgettes or marrow, spinach, kale, turnip/taro tops, chinese leafy greens like Pak choi, choy sum, chinese cabbage.

Brocolli cauliflower, or any cabbage, even pickled. Asparagus, fennel or celeriac.


Looks like a lot written down.

I'll try and add in some recipes as I go and add into the thread. Cooking can be done in the microwave, poach or in water. Don't add any fats or salt, but do add herbs, spices or a little stock. Balsamic vinegar is mentioned in the yellow book, so assuming its allowed.

So pop in and share your 810 experiences.
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I am just about to start 810 in prep for my hols (and also hoping to kickstart my weight loss) so a great thread to start - thanks and good luck!


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I am starting my 3rd week on 810, and am really enjoying it. I get to eat loads and still lose weight! I typically have porridge for breakfast, quorn pieces, with 3 tablespoons of veg then a pudding of frozen chocolate tetra for lunch then a shake before bed. Really love it and the weight is still falling off. I even bought my first pair of size 10 trousers this morning!:D so am very pleased!
I found starting 810 helped to kick start my weight loss, and in the first week lost 3 lbs as opposed to the 2lb the week before on ss!
Just finishing my 2nd week on 810, lost 3lb last week, and I have quorn for dinner, but because there is so much I halve my allowance and have half the cottage cheese allowance for lunch with a few salad leaves and the chicken quorn pieces for dinner with a few asparagus spears and mushrooms sliced. I put my quorn in a fry pan with some tandoori spice, some water and cook until all the water has evaporated and the spices have coated my quorn nicely, you can do this with any spices and sometimes I add a few bits of sliced fresh chillis to it.... I then finish each meal off with a choc mint mix a mousse, I make up 300ml water with my shake to make the mixamousse so it makes plenty. I have also swapped one of my shakes for a 150 cal breakfast from the 1000 plan, and my CDC is quite happy for me to do this as it doesn't really add many extra calories and the weight loss is still good, so I get to eat 3 meals a day, and have my shake before bedtime...


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Great post Lexie. :D

I was just wondering whether you could edit your first post so that it lists the allowable veg as well? I usually end up sticking to boring old cauliflower and broccoli, but I know there are a lot more things to try than that!

Just wanted to say you've done amazingly well too! You go girl! :0clapper:
I have just moved up to SS+ today, I intend to be on it for a week then as from Friday to m ove onto 810 so I am reading with interest, I do have a question, the batery in my kitchen scales has gone so when it comes to 120gr of chicken how much is this roughly, I cannot weigh it for today, say for instance if I have a chicken thigh no skin attached would that be under or over? Cheers M xx


Great post Lexie. :D

I was just wondering whether you could edit your first post so that it lists the allowable veg as well? I usually end up sticking to boring old cauliflower and broccoli, but I know there are a lot more things to try than that!

Just wanted to say you've done amazingly well too! You go girl! :0clapper:


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Morning to all the 810ers :D

This is my first day today. So far Ive had a cup of tea, 500mls water and Im just having a banana tetra now.

Hows everyone doing today then?


So far so good today, although surprise TOTM atm.

Used my milk as a milk drink later on after dinner today.
Thanks for the bump sunshine!

Today went ok. Not perfect but ok. Tomorrow will be better. I seem to be fine all day when Im in work but struggle between leaving work and making dinner because Im generally ravenous at that stage :drool:

Plan for tomorrow is not to have my bar and the yoghurt at the same time! I think Il have my yoghurt at lunchtime and then the bar on the way home so I wont be inclined to pick.

Gorgeous day in Dublin again today. Was roasting on the train on the way home thought I was gonna pass out :jelous: but thankfully I didnt :D.

How was everyones day today?

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I tend to have as my main meal chicken and veg stir-fry dry fried with a little cottage cheese, water, loads of black pepper and dried chilli. It's really filling and I've had it loads over the 10 weeks. I love my hot, hot, hot food tho.

It's def a good plan to always have a bar with you so you're not starving at any time. I make sure I eat at least every 4 hours on 810 as I've left it longer and was starving and weak.



I find that spacing the meals through out ths day really helps as you've said Sunshine.

B (6ISH) shake
Brunch - 1/2 of milk in coffee (like a latte)
L - meal (either Tofu/chicken and veggies)
L2 - Tetra
D - Shake
D2, rest of milk

Sets a nice pace throughout the day

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
.....and eating slower, I really am trying at the moment. I used to be a slow eater but on CD I noticed I was eating so fast I hardly noticed I'd eaten at all. I think because it's all so quick to make and then gone in 2 seconds was why I was feeling so unsatisfied and wanting more. So trying to take my time over everything. Going to start alos cutting my bars up sometimes and freezing so it takes me more time to eat them.

Morning all!

I had a bit of a brainwave last night ..... Would it still work if we ate 810kcals a day and took a good multi vitamin? and have no CD products?

mmmmhhhhh.....any suggestions?


is going to loose!

CD works so well as it gives your body the 99% vits etc and a multi only have about 30% roughly (someone correct me if I am wrong). Although if you are loosing a week like this would and you would still have a good loss. After that you might stall and your body now lacking in vits could go into starvation mode. Then you may binge or hold onto fluid/fat etc when you put food into your body.

Are you thinking of altering the diet due to money or bordem?? Or in general just finding it hard?

I am eating around 850 ( no more) cals a day. I am on the 790 plan/ 810. I cannot survive on just SS. Today I had the following and I restarted on Monday. Today is day 3 and I have lost 3.74lbs. However generally when following the list below I loose about 2 lbs a week after the first 3 weeks or so;

CD porridge
coffee x 2 (with little milk)
CD shake
CD bar
1/2 atkins bar (not usual I normally have 1/2 a carrot and 1 stalk of celery) (possibly an apple)
200 cal dinner (protein and vege)
1 can of sprite zero

Hope this helps.

Hi Bren

Thanks for that. Its money mainly to be honest. Its quite expensive to do and with saving for the wedding too its going to be very hard to come up with €60 a week. Im half thinking of trying the celeb slim cos its €37 a week. Not too sure at the moment. Im still doing CD on 810 anyways. Its my first week but I have been low carbing for a while so I dont think Im going to get that whoosh of a huge loss on week 1. Im started monday and I think Ive lost 2lbs so far so Im happy with that in 3 days.