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On a downer. Councilling...?


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Had my 9th weigh in today. Another 7lbs gone.

I started CD on the Wednesday before Good Friday. Weighing in at 21st 7lbs - today I weigh in at 16st 9lbs. 2lbs off 5stone. Its madness.

I have gone past feeling elated over these losses and I am started to notice the new me. The inside of the tops of my legs are just a mass of wobbly loose skin. My belly apron a mass of loose skin. Loose skin on my arms. I am for sure at the very least going to need a TT - but looking at pictures on the net the scarring can be quite severe, and not overly convinced a TT would do it - full body tuck. Whilst my boobs havnt shruck they just hang now.

Hated being fat and not liking this too much either.

Before I di teh TV programme I wouldnt hand washing out in my back garden. Zero confidence. The confidence recently gained from the weight loss is ebbing away and the feeling of self consciousness is creeping back, albeit for the wrong reason this time.

It frightens me. Its so quick. Cant recall being this weight in certainly the last 10 years and the smallest I can remember in my adult life is arounf the 15st 6lb mark, 17 years ago.

Having issues with clothes which are simply too big. I still wear what I can get away with - but they are not flattering on a slimmer body. Still have 5st to go so loathe to buy anything else - and even then a quick rekkie of Evans at the weekend proved fruitless. Who on earth designs for them?! SMOCKS??! FFS smocks are so un-flattering on any shape

Just so down. Wonder if it might be worth while seeing a counciller? (Not the CD sort - of the HEAD sort?)

Know this comes across as maybe an ungrateful posting - but its not supposed to be, am struggling with my head (and body) after a whopping loss in such a short time xx
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S: 18st2lb C: 15st7lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 2st9lb(14.57%)
Hi TT,

I can totally relate to a lot of what your saying especially the fear of loose skin real or imagined I have let it sabotage my weight loss and I was down at 11 stone 6 pounds this time last year.

Also, the other thing was because the weight comes off so fast I don't think I was ready to leave the comfort of my fat suit behind me as at the end of the day I hid away in it. It had become a crutch for me to excuse myself from doing a whole lot of things I really wanted to do but had not the courage. The fat suit provided a perfect excuse.

Now having being slim for a couple of months and back up a few stone again and now I can view both sides of the coin as the weight gain was even quicker than the weight loss.

I can see how quickly I took for granted the improvement in health and mobility and the range of choices in my every day life along with looking so much better. Yet somehow it was not good enough and this has made me see that really at the root of my problem was my perfectionism.

Sounds ironic that I can wear ugly baggy clothes and never show more than my face and find fault with my slim healthy body...I had to ask myself some very tough questions over the last few weeks. Like am I prepared to stay fat and hide and let my fears keep me a prisoner...

Have not all the answers but I am working on it.

I have gone to counselling before and found it very useful and if I feel I get stuck in this process I will go again.

If you feel you need counselling I would say go, if you don't connect with your counsellor ask for another one, as you do need someone you can trust and feel you can confide in.

Love Mini xxx


S: 20st5lb C: 20st5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
TTEY, you poor thing, I understand though about the loose skin, I've lost nearly seven stone so far, with another 5 1/2 to go. You don't have to wear TIGHT clothes, but look for fitted ones whch shape without being too clingy, there's lots of supermarkets, Tesco, Asda etc which have really cheap clothes, Tshirts for a couple of quid!!!! I also look out for the sale rails & buy lots of stuff from catalogues too, but only when they're on SALE, LOL!! Some charity shops have decent stuff too as does EBay. You DESERVE to have nice clothes!!!! you've done so well coming so far in such a short time, surely you're worth spending £50 (or less) on some jeans/skirts/tshirts/tops?
As for counselling it might be worth having a word with your GP as to whether he/she feels you need to be referred. Good luck, hope you feel happier soon & stay sucessful in your weighloss, I'M SO JEALOUS!!!!!xxxxxx
Yes, getting a psychologist would help with these issues. If you get one that is well versed in weight loss, it would help even better. one, you have to come to terms with a completly different body. Two, you have to deal with whatever made you fat to begin with, so you dont end up back there.

Good luck!
TTey you have done brilliantly to lose so much. I don't think we can any of us expect to be really happy with our bodies ever. People who we think look gorgeous will always moan "I hate my legs" or "my tummy is so fat", nobody is satisfied no matter what.

Voodoo is right, some new clothes from somewhere inexpensive would be a great morale booster. And then when you see how quickly they become looser it will make you feel so good.

That said, if you feel counselling would help then it is worth considering. It is easy when overweight to say "my size is my problem" and then when the weight is lost and life is not suddenly perfect it is time to face up to what the problem really is. Or simply admit that life will never be perfect for anyone and we have to work hard at it.

Whatever you decide to do I wish you luck, and don't give up on the diet because you owe it to yourself to get that weight off.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi TT!

I'm not going to attempt to say "I know how you feel" - cause I don't. However, I do know someone who totally does! I sponsored one of my clients last year, so she's now a fully accredited CDC. Altogether, she lost a total of 19 STONE!!!:eek: There's not much that she hasn't gone through in her life, she's been there, done that, definately worn the t-shirt! Perhaps, if you think it'll help, I can have a word and see if she can email you privately, or even call you? It's reassuring for you I'm sure, to have the replies you've had - at least you know you're not alone with your feelings.
I'm all for therapy! You go for it! Have a pro listen to what you say, then advise from that, is a really good idea! It's often not enough to talk to friends/family/partners, as they're not qualified to listen out for key points.
Keep up the fabulous work though hunny! It WILL be worth it in the end! And let me know if you want me to get my friend to contact you.
Hey Trace first of all well done on your fantastic loss! I am a fair way behind you but I will probably have the same to face as you having started at 21st 4 ... Take heart from other messages on here from people who say they continue to see an improvement in their skin months and months after the weight has gone - your skin is just needing a while to catch up! Also be sure and slather on some kind of firming cream - its bound to help a bit. You are still young enough for your skin to be able to bounce back a lot I'm sure. And I agree - buy some new clothes, wear them a couple of times then flog them on ebay! Or buy stuff on ebay - or have you tried Primark or some of the supermarkets? Its probably not good for your morale to be slopping around in baggy flappy clothes! Enjoy buying a smaller size! Another thing - one of the reasons (apart from looks etc) we need to lose weight is health - to cut the risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer and diabetes .. and I think its better to have loose skin than be dead (to put it bluntly!)
I personally find counselling a waste of time (had it after my mum died) but horses for courses and all that - give it a try it may make you feel a whole lot better. Here endeth the sermon.:rolleyes:
(Hope you feel better soon)
Mrs P

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