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on day 9 and need some advice


Chasing the Rainbow
Hello you lovely lot.

I'm on day 9 as the title suggests and i'm wondering when i will feel like eating again?? I expected to feel like i do from getting atkins flu from exant TS and am determined to stick it out this time. But most foods are just turning my stomach thinking about them. This is obviously a complete u turn from the food obsession binge eating carboholic that i was, but

1) i am scared that my metabolism might slow right down cos i'm not eating enough
2) my muscle fatigue and poor balance at the gym is getting exhausting and frustrating
3) i am scared that because i am having to force myself to eat things when i feel sick i will put myself off them forever, and i'm already on a fairly short list of foods due to being a dreadful fussy eater.

So i guess in short i need someone to tell me that any day i will wake up and feel completely normal? or is this just what ketosis feels like from start to finish?
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This is for life
One day you will wake up and feel completely normal! :D

Many people seem to go through this dip where they are off food. Dont think it should last too long. And you should definitely get energy back - that's what i find amazing that i HAVE to go dancing now:)

Do try to eat little and often and plenty of water - hope you feel better very soon!
I felt the same - I read your post and it could be me!!

Like Kat1e said Drink plenty of water.

I found that I had to move from Mature Cheddar to Mild and from Smoked Bacon to Unsmoked things like that as cant stomach the strong flavours!

Without knowing what you like and dont like its hard to come up with any proper suggestions.

Good luck xx


Chasing the Rainbow
I felt the same - I read your post and it could be me!!

Like Kat1e said Drink plenty of water.

I found that I had to move from Mature Cheddar to Mild and from Smoke Bacon to Unsmoked things like that as cant stomach the strong flavours!

Without know what you like and dont like its hard to come up with any proper suggestions.

Good luck xx
haha sounds like we like the same things! i may try changing the cheddar and bacon cos previously i liked the mature and the smoked..... you at this stage too at the mo?
Just had WI today 7 weeks in.

Obviously each to there own but I hate nearly all the veggies Im allowed.

Examples of things I eat - hopefully might help??

Breakfast I think is the hardest.

Scrambled Egg with a bit of (carefully chosen) Parmesan in

Slice of Ham having read every packet 0g
Small tomato 2g ish
Cheese - I like Buffalo Mozz

Or Bacon - non smoked and fried egg mmmm

Sausages from the night before cook extra for a snack - I get some that are low in g's so work well.

I like to roast 1/2 shoulder of lamb for hours then use it to make a lamb curry.

Very Small amount of onion, as much lamb as you like then I use small amount of Salca Tomato with Chilli or Spicy with Roasted Pepper then add curry powder to taste and some water - nice for a change.

I make Leeks with cheese sauce - effectively a splash of cream and greated cheese (I use mature if cooking with it)

I have that sometimes with chicken sometimes with lamb instead of making it curry with sausages.

Can't believe I forgot but I get Tesco Finest Meat Balls squash them into like mini burger 5 of them 2.9g there are some italian style ones to 5 = 5.8g

Just a few ideas
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Chasing the Rainbow
bless you!

I like most of that but the lamb. Is your salsa home made cos most of the ones i've seen are full of sugar :(

i too hate most of the veggies allowed on induction, i liked very few as it was and no peas carrots lentils etc are banned its a bit tough, I like broccoli cauliflower cheese and cabbage but only on a big fat roast drenched in gravy (and prefferably cooked by someone else) :8855:

so sarah would you say you feel back to normal now? did u also relate to the muscle fatigue? i am a bit fed up of it already and know deep down not eating much is going to prolong that feeling!

how have you done on 7 week weigh in??

arent you sick of cheesey scrambled eggs yet?? lol
I've just read your post elemental and I'm already sick of the sight of eggs. I'm only on day 5 and I'm getting a sicky eggy feeling at the back of my throat and I used to love bacon but i'm going off it rapidly.

Know how you feel. xxx


Chasing the Rainbow
omg ive had to ring in sick for my first training shift at my new second job :(

i made my usual scrambled egg this morning and as soon as i could smell it cooking in the microwave i thought i was going to hurl, couldn't even face the bacon :eek:

anyone got any tips for something mild and similiar to those bland foods we have when poorly such as toast and chicken soup, how many carbs in heinz chicken soup i wonder.......

i've read advice somewhere saying that exercising speeds up atkins flu - i've been working out loads and still feel rotten on day 10 , i know my incessant whining is probably hard to stomach as eggs are to me but i so need support right now so i dont bail like i did on exante when i started feeling like this. Perhaps if it doesnt yeild then moving on to phase two on day 14 is a good idea? i had planned on a longer induction as i have a fair amount to lose but i'd rather feel better and diet longer than turn to the evil carbs in desperation to feel better,

So upset about ringing in sick today - i don't do sickies!! Had to email them too because its upset me to tears, emailing in sick is worse than ringing in sick :cry:


Determined to succeed!
Hi Elemental,

Awww, you poor thing. I know exactly what you are going through, and yes - it is normal.

I felt the same way, gagged constantly, hardly ate anything etc - but now my appetite is back - albeit reduced, and I'm feeling human again. Still not a fan of smoked bacon - but everything else has 'come back'.

I know it sucks :(

I heard that easing off exercise gets you into ketosis quicker (therefore getting over Atkins flu quicker), but this could be the wrong info - I dunno. Maybe try and rest for a day or two and see how you feel?

Hope it improves honey x


Chasing the Rainbow
thank you :)

i am wrapped up in my furry blanket with sniffles and pint of water whilst looking up nice bland soups and and their nutritional content,. I know tinned soups arent ideal but i imagine fasting isn't ideal either :/

i heard exercising gets the carbs out of your system quicker therefore getting over the flu quicker, but that could be wrong too - i mean , i doubt very much there are any carbs in my system after 10 days? mind you i did used to eat enough in one month to last me a lifetime, maybe this is my payback.

Suprisingly, i think even a bit of toast or pizza would probably make me gag also!

So glad i'm not alone though , this forum is amazing thank you all xxx
I also felt like this this am when I was eating my eggs and bacon. The thought of having the same thing again in the morning makes my stomach churn.

I have just had tuna and salad greens for lunch and am going to attempt cheeseburger pie for dinner tonight and the fact that I had fish and not meat for lunch has kind of perked me up a liitle. I am hoping the cheeseburger pie has the same affect tonight as it will be something different to a steak or chop.

Hope you are feeling better soon honey :)



Chasing the Rainbow
thanks wendy xx

let me know how the cheeseburger pie goes, i saw the recipe earlier but the thought of the eggs in it put me off.
Had tuna salad for lunch a few days too cos chicken was starting to set me off, then went to body combat last night and was burping tuna relentlessly all the way through, looks like thats off the menu now too :(
Oh nooooooo! That's not good, you poor thing! :(

Well one thing at a time.... you need to get your appetite back first then hopefully your taste for these things will slowly come back.

Will let you know about the cheeseburger pie. I'm hoping the 'eggyness' of it wont come through so much and will be masked by the cheese...... fingers crossed :)


Chasing the Rainbow
How was it then?

I feel a lot better today, i think i owe it all to mims!!!

I couldn't get the 100% flaxseed at it was after shop hours and could only go to sainsburys so it was a partial cheat with the 5 seed one...... but the fiber was double the carbs which i figured must make the net carbs negative???? Anyway i hope i don't feel better today cos i'm out of ketosis (eek) yesterday all i ate was a tin of baxters cockaleekie soup (really hit the spot when i was feeling sick) only 5.9g per half can (not ideal but if it was all i was going to eat...... and then later i had a MIM with cinamon and lots of butter, omg it was heaven. I think i will have one for breakfast every morning instead of eggs!!



Determined to succeed!
Hey Elemental...

Beware about carb/fibre on labels.. if it shows the fibre seperately (which in the UK it does), it means that the carbs are real carbs, and the fibre is on top. It's only where fibre isn't listed seperately (like in the US), that Atkins tells us we need to take it off. So be very careful... chances are you could have brought yourself out of ketosis by eating too many carbs - but obviously I couldn't say for sure.

I sympathise with your sicky feelings and your need to try and 'push the boat' a bit by eating processed soups etc - but, again, be careful. You're walking a dangerous tightrope here, and I don't want you to completely fall off the wagon when you are trying so hard.

Even the smallest amount of carbs too many, can kick start our carb cravings/addictions again - and 5.9 carbs per half can, may not sound that bad - but I really would try and keep closer to zero if I were you, cos you will be getting the 20g carbs without even trying/realising.

My advice would be grab a nose clip so you can't taste the food, and chomp on pure protein and leafy greens - and don't deviate from the path :) Same goes for the flaxseed/linseed... it's pure flaxseed or nothing I'm afraid... you can always get things online if you can't find them in the shops. Better to wait a couple of days for delivery than to substitute with something that will hurt your losses.

Good luck sweets!

SD xx


Chasing the Rainbow
:confused: that first paragraph is new and confusing info for me! So are you saying that the net carbs are not infact the carbs minus the fibre? cos everywhere i've read about atkins has said that is the rule to go by :cry:

there really was no pinching my nose and down the food i was literally being sick into my throat at the smell of it cooking, just no way... i would have eaten nothing yesterday if i didn't have what i did

i'm starting to feel this isnt for me now i cant put my life on hold while i get over this stupid atkins flu - nearly two weeks in and i'm starting to feel better and find out it's probably because ive gone back to square one????????? :cry:


Determined to succeed!
Hey hey... it is confusing I know... it's because the book is American, and they label seperately... although if your weestick shows purple, sounds like you are in ketosis anyway, so you're all good! Just be careful going forward.

This should help: Atkins-EMEA - Deducting fibre from carbs in UK

SD xx

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