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New to the forum so please bear with me. I joined LL last Wed and am fully commited to a VLCD, however I am finding the small choice of foodpacks a major problem especially as I do not like any of the shakes. I went to the "drop-in" today, and I had lost 5lbs 3 oz which is OK but not as much as I thought it would be.I have read loads of info on the CD and really would like to change. I am worried about my counsellors reaction and the fact I have signed up for 100 days...will I be made to pay for the 100 days? I am also going to find the £66 plus per week really difficult.. can anyone offer any advice please?

Hiya Jack
well done for starting a vlcd, and for your 5lb loss :D

Have a look on the cambridge website, you'll be able to find a counsellor near you, however some of the Cousellors are not on that site so best to ring head office or even post on here where abouts you live and someone may be able to help you.

You won't have to pay any money to lighterlife, I would suggest that you let your counsellor know that you are leaving to go over to cambridge because of the costs, ( you're not the only one to change for that reason)...

Oh one other lil tip, don't stop lighterlife until you have a cambridge counsellor sorted out and have your packs, you don't want to have to have a break now that you've started...

Hope that helps
If you call on 0800 161412 you can let them know your postcode and they will tell you the counsellors near to you. RRP is £32.55 but each counsellor works for themselves so can charge what they like, so feel free to shop around.

Re : the 100 days - it's a way of getting you to make the commitment to sticking with SS, but it's not a legal document as in, they can't make you pay for the 100 days if you decide to move over.

Hope that helps, but please ask if there's anything else you need :D
Absolutely agree with everything above.

Give you LLC a courtesy call to let her know that you will not be continuing. Not only is that to let her know what your intentions are but also just in case any of your group wonder where you are it stops them worrying :)

There is no commitment to the 100 days but they say there is in an attempt to get your head in the right place not to mention blackmail you into staying ;)

Good luck with CD and please keep us posted on how you progress on your new diet :D