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On my 2nd day, but will it work for me?


I have started the diet yesterday and apart from a headache last night and this morning I am doing ok.

I have been looking at everyone's stats as I read the post and everyone seems to be a lot lower in weight than me, so I wonder if this is a diet a heavy person like myself can do?

I tried SW after Xmas with little success but I have done Atkins over the years and that has always gave some results.

I suppose I would just like some reassurance, but then don't we all

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just keep going Bev - you can't expect results overnight! You should experience some heavy losses, particularly at first. How often do you intend to weigh yourself? I did every day at first and noticed at least 1/4lb coming off EVERY DAY which was hugely motivating. Do you have good electronic scales that will measure in lb fractions?
I am patient for the weight to come off, don't expect it to be an overnight thing, lol,

My scales are not great only show a 1lb loss at a time and certainly nothing lost yet, which is fine. Thought I would weigh every few days but wasn't sure.

I think I just got worried because nearly everyone seemed to have a start weight that was much slimmer than me.


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I wouldn't worry - there do seem to be a lot of lighter people starting at the moment! I started off on August at 218 lbs and it's been great for me.


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195lb starting weight for me - felt like it just melted off at a rate of knots for the first 3 months at least. are you posting your menus? perhaps you're eating something that's not particularly dukan friendly. we have a daily menus thread - if you post the day's menu (preferably in advance) we can right you if you're going wrong.

feel free to start a diary too - just go to the diaries sub forum and start a new thread.


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Don't worry Bev! I think this diet is perfect for someone with more to lose (that's how the diet was derived initially). The only issue I would say is that its quite strict but if you stick with it, then the loss will come for sure. I started very close to your weight (thought it was 202lbs, but I now think it may be closer to 205lbs as I just got a new scale).

I would definitely say to go for it - its a perfect regimen for substantial weight loss and it has a great plan to keep it off. If you're commited to all four phases, then this may just be the ticket :D!

Best of luck to you!


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I have a lot to lose and it's come off really quick to start with! 22lbs in 6 weeks! If anything is gonna help you do it, it's dukan! Good luck :) x


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The recent influx of lighter people happens each year at this time prior to summer holidays, but most oldtimers started far heavier. Dukan actually does not recommend the diet for people who are not in the "obese" range, so you're perfect!

Thank you for your support everyone, makes me feel much better.

I decided I will wait for Sunday morning after by 5 day attack to do my first weigh in, but I am fine if the weight comes off slowly as long as it stops my cravings.

I will have a look in the menu section too.
Yes, My TOTM fell on the end of my first week and was uncontrollable (well, felt like it!) but haven't had any issues since. I've probably got another week or two to go until I'm next due, am hoping that as I've been on the diet a month now that this time around will be less of a challenge!
I'm about 218 so I'm hoping it is going to be good for us 'bigger' ladies!


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How's it going Hamish's Mum?

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