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on my 4th day

hi all, been reading lots of threads over the weekend to keep me inspired.
I am on my 4th day of TS, had a very bad afternoon yesterday but didn't eat, so very proud of myself. However feeling very tired and larthargic, anybody else feel this, am drinking approx 4 litres spread throughout the day, so I wouldn't of thought it was dehydration.
Am keeping going, sneaky weigh in this morning and have lost 8lbs already. so very happy with that, a long way to go though.
if anybody can tell me how to set the tickertape up that would be great, had it set up but it won't come up when i post.

good luck to us all :)
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well done for not eating x

You can do it well done on the -8 fantastic

Im on day one x
well done surviving 4 days...you are doing brilliantly xx You will feel tired/lethargic until ketosis kicks in then which should be soon ,then you will feel full of energy and not hungry....if I remember rightly from my previous VLCD experience !!


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Hey there Hun - you are doing brilliantly! Well done on the loss so far, just think where you will get to on your first weigh in! Sorry didn't get to call you yesterday but will do later tonight to see how the first week has gone! Keep it up sis!!!
Love Sam
PS - go back to the Ticker web page and cut and paste the link back into your signature and resave it!
hi guys, thanks for the encouragement, had a stressy moment this morning, 12 year old!!! least said the better, but my mum kept me on track so am really pleased I didn't break, don't feel lathargic today, but still hungry or is it in my head, never can tell lol.

thanks again

good luck to all kx
well i'm onto my sixth day now, amazed i've stuck at it, the tiredness has gone and starting back to cycling everyday. Still permanently hungry but have some coping mechanisms now, particularly farmville on facebook, yes very sad i know but keeps my fingers busy lol
hope everyone else doing very well xxx


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day 6 - woohoo!! Well done on the sneaky WI and good luck for the official one

just trying to eat my first bar and i have to say that is disgusting!!! it was the chocolate orange one, yuk!!! oh no, have 27 more to go!!! think i will end up on 2 packs a day, can't even finish this one :(
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Well done! It's so lovely to read all these positive stories.


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Bless you Sis!!! LOL Maybe they improve with time and starvation!!!! I haven't had trouble eating them - my problem is they don't last long enough and are gone before I even realise I opened the packet - quite surprised still have fingers left to be honest!!!
well i'm on my 7th day and feel dreadful, without too much description, nothing is staying in my body, and i'm not really liking any of the flavours at all!!! have to stick at this though as no money to go do a food shop, hope this doesn't continue. I started so well and have been getting steadily worse as the week has gone by. i'm drinking 4litres of water throughout the day. the boullion is vile! lol. i know i'm not ill, as feel fine until i have a shake/soup, then feel ill for a couple of hours after.

anybody any suggestions or is/has anybody felt like this.

thanks kx


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hope you feel better soon sweetie - can't help with the stomach thing as not experienced it myself, maybe it is just a tummy bug? Let me know if you still feel rough today.
so the s&d has finally gone, yeah, feeling great today but think that could be down to the 13lbs weigh loss for week one. so very happy it shows it does work if you stick to it. so i'm more upbeat and positive to start my second week.

good luck to all



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Yay - faboo loss!
Well done you!!!!!!!!




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Wow, that's unbelievable, nearly a stone in a week. That's some going. It's certainly not for the faint hearted isn't tfr but those results don't happen that quickly with anything else. Keep on doing whatever you're doing because it's working really well.


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yaaayyyyyyy, go Sis!!!!!! Big hugs and well done for sticking with it when you have been feeling so rough this week! Wow, I sure have some catching up with you to do LOL!!!!!:happy096::clap::talk017::clap::happy096::wow::wow::wow:
i have just had my first ever Dr Pepper Zero, wow how did I ever miss that drink before, scrummy, it will become my new addiction, after all, whats the worst that could happen? lol

good luck everyone, may all our dreams come true


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