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On ss day 11 and tempted by chilli!!

Hi, day 11 on ss and tummy been rumbling a lot today. Made my other halves dinner of chilli and this is the first time i have felt soooo tempted. Made dinner for him few other times and been fine. Drunk 4l water so far.

I have 4 months to lose 21lb. Lost 7lb on my first weigh in sat, and got next weigh in this sat. What if i cant resist and eat? I know i wouldnt be tempted again cos i have the motivation of my wedding, but was just wondering how much damage i would do if i had some chilli?????

What am i talking bout........., I have got this far, and come sat i will be allowed a meal i can stick this out!!! I will go put my bikini on now, that my seal the deal and stop me eating the god damn chilli that smells soooo good!!!

Sorry for pointless post, talking myself out of eating ha ha xx
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Staying on plan!
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well done for resisting temptation!
Well done you!! I find that the smell of food is the worst, I could look at it all day and it wouldn't bother me :) just keep thinking of ur bikini and your beautiful wedding dress


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Keep thinking about your special day. My biggest regret was not feeling like a million dollars on my wedding day (even though I was only about a stone overweight!) I remember thinking if only I had started dieting sooner, not gone for that meal out, had a cup of tea instead of opening that bottle of wine! All small, trivial things that I could have done without but that somehow all added up, kept on tripping me up and, as a result, made me feel like a frump on my wedding day!
Don't give in to tasting that chilli - it is not worth it! It won't taste as good as you think, it will give you a reason to carry on eating, get your taste buds and tummy wanting more....and on it goes.
Stay strong.
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Well done on resisting. It is hard when you smell something you really like, but just think you will be able to eat that wonderful chilli when you are at your target and I bet it will taste even better then and you won't feel in the least bit guilty :D
Confessed on another thread. I caved in unfortunately, Had lost another 1 1/2lb since my last weigh in too!!! so thats 1 1/2lb back on :cry:. Back to what i was!!! :mad:

Really sorry, was so grateful for all your encouragement last night. Wasnt even hungry but did feel better after. As had felt poo monday and sunday and almost ate sunday!!

But it has helped me realised that i cannot cheat and get away with it. Its not worth it, thats 1 1/2 lb futher from my goal. I WILL DO THIS!!! ss no prob today and had 6L water, bring on my sat weigh in!!! Even if the same not gonna let it detur me, as i know why!!!

Thanks again tho for all your encouragement. Least got me blip out the way and wont do it again xxx

Yep deffo want to feel a million dollars on my wedding day for me and h2b, and now back to ss i will deffo reach my goal i can see the end. 6 months to go and 21lb to go. Need to fit nicely into bikini too, as getting married abroad xx
This isnt an excuse but i know why i ate now, totm arrived today and wasnt meant to!!! :O(

Anyway was fine yesterday and back down a lb this am and back into ketosis. WOO HOO glug glug 6 l again xx
Well after staying the same last week as ate cos of totm, i did good again this week and lost another 7lb. so thats a stone in 3 weeks. Im over the moon. 9st 10. 1 more stone to go whoopie xxx
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You'll lose 21lb before the big day - no problem. Keep chanting - nothing tastes as good as slim feels!!!
Hi Hope, thank you. I know its such a nice feeling, i may even lose more. Now to get toning down the gym. One less stress to worry about leading up to the wedding. God it does feel good, fitting into old jeans and the confidence walking around knowing have lost a stone!! x

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