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One bar a day?

I've been doing TS for 11 days now, and going ok - have settled into a 'shake for brekkie, bar for lunch, soup for tea' routine. I'm wondering if replacing the bar with a soup/shake every few days would speed up the loss a bit? (although I'm not sure how you'd know!! Anyone just do the liquids?
I have to say I quite enjoy the chewing, and the bars are very handy to take out with you!
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Hi Lynniep,
I am on the shakes only and to be honest its made my 1st week quite easy. I am trying to figure out if I want to get a mixed combo next month but to be honest the shakes are working so well I cant make up my mind.

I cant really comment on the speed of weightloss but in this first week clothes have started feeling a little looser already.

What are your fav soups and bars, and what are the ones you dont like?


I do the same as you linniep, I think it helps to have a variety throughout the day.
Hi clockworx,
I like all the bars, not to keen on the tomato soup I think it's more it's colour which puts me off, but everyone is different. I like to be able to have something hot for my tea, which is why I find the soups handy. I sometimes split them into 2 cup of soups to have during the evening as they are quite filling
Starlight said:
Im not sure why youd think having bars would speed up weight loss :confused:

Its not recommended because theyre higher in carbs and can knock some people out of ketosis if they have more than one
Think linniep meant replacing the bar with a shake instead
I thought that, as they are all controlled packs to help you lose weight, otherwise they wouldn't sell the bars. I quite like the variety.
thanks. I just wondered because as you say, they are higher in carbs.
clockworx, I like both the bars, and prefer the vanilla and banana shakes (find chocolate sickly sweet, strawberry much the same) dont really like the tomato soup so probably not going to have that any more, makes me feel a bit 'ick' lol!

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