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One bar a day...

I was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me... You are only allowed one bar a day and I assume this is because there are 150 calories per bar and only 125 in a pack.

Are there any other reasons why you are only allowed one bar a day? Has anyone carried out part of their journey on more than one bar a day and what was the effect?

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Happily pro pointing!
i haven't tried a lemon bar, I tried the toffee and thought I would vomit, took ages to eat it. didn't like the raspberry and cranberry or the old nut.
So as I like the new nut I decided I wouldn't bother with any more and just eat those. I just assumed all the old ones would be horrible, i am tempted now though.
How do you make biscuits from the bars?
I used to hate all the old style bars and was over the moon with how delicious the two new flavours are. But I had an old lemon bar left from a few weeks ago so I thought I'd try the biscuits.

I heat the oven to 180. Take a baking sheet - cut the bar into 5 pieces and flatten out. Put in the oven for about ten minutes - but keep an eye on them. When they have turned a golden brown take them out and cool them. They are delicious! So much so that at the moment I look forward to having them in the evening and will not have a new bar. That's why I started this thread. Just to find out why we can't have two a day!

I guess I am still too greedy!


Deb G

Silver Member
Hunger cos of the carbs - and also they have a very unpleasant effect on your tummy........I won't go into more details than that - but believe me - don't do it!!
Thanks for the tip about the biscuits in the oven. Absolutely fantastic, they really are like biscuits.

Not sure how it would work with the new peanut bar Ali as it is a completely difference consistency to the lemon and toffee bars.

I made some biscuits with the lemon bar last night and the first few were delicious and crunchy, however, after a while the fake citric aftertaste got to me. Tonight I'm going to try them with a toffee bar.


Happily pro pointing!
well this morning I had a latte and some peanut biscuits, I just chopped it put it in the micro for 30 secs, squashed them down flat then another 15 secs, leave to cool and they are a lovely crispy, nutty biscuit, will defo be having some more of those.
Think I might get a lemon bar tomorrow and try them out.


Happily pro pointing!
one point I need to mention about the peanut biscuits (used the other half of my bar for more tonight), make sure they are all the same size, otherwise the small ones get a bit over done, still nice, but you wouldn't want them burning.
I went through a process of having two bars a day...it started back in late september when i went away with work to portugal and because it was a social function (charity golf event) and i would be working none stop and surronded by catered food i felt it would be easier to have two bars a day and two shakes. Those two bars where the old peanut ones as it was before the new bars came out. Apart from it making it trickier to go to the loo nothing much happened weight loss continued as normal. When i came back and the new bars were introduced i went through a period for about 3-4 weeks having a cranberry/rhasberry and new peanut a day (2 bars) again weight loss continued as usual however one thing i will say is the new peanut does install a craving to eat more of the bars or shakes....i think because it is so sweet but apart from that it was not too bad...having 2 a day everyones body is different i guess. However i discovered how to make choc muffins with choc shakes now so i have gone back to 1 cranberry bar a day which i have with black coffee and then i use one choc pack to make a muffin and the other two choc packs with ice to make ice cream to go with it in the evening....i've been on LL for 211 days so this little shake up has come at a very good time! I was never one for chocolate before LL but for the last 200 days i have lived on choc shakes...weird...! Anyway back to the bars...maybe try it where two days a week you have two and the rest you don't and see how you get on....but i will say it's better in the long run to stick to one if you can having been on the other side as you can become dependent on them especially the new ones.



Gotta Make A Change
what i am curious about is i started lighter life yesterday and made biscuits out of the bar, does it have any affect on the weight loss?
Nope, shouldn't make any difference, though we are not supposed to have more than one 'cooked' item a day, as some of the vitamins and minerals are lost so it's not quite as good for us.
Well done for starting, by the way, and right before Christmas. Welcome! This was a great decision - it's definitely the best thing I've ever done for my weight. You must have real commitment! Why not start a ticker?


Gotta Make A Change
Well done for starting, by the way, and right before Christmas. Welcome! This was a great decision - it's definitely the best thing I've ever done for my weight. You must have real commitment! Why not start a ticker?

yeah ill start a ticker today :) and thanks, yeah i think i chose to do at the right time :) xmas will be an ease i know it :) im just looking forward to the presents :)

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