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One handed meals...


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I broke my wrist pretty badly a couple of days ago whilst skiing - now home and probably looking at an operation later in the week. I live alone and am really struggling to think of meals that can be prepared and eaten one handed! Since I got home last night I've managed wine, a microwave curry and cereal. I'm scared I will be the size of an elephant by the time the cast is off...any suggestions gratefully received.
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Sorry about your wrist. How about things like stews or soups which you can use frozen veg etc, therefore very little cutting. Also buy small baby potatoes etc which don't need peeling just washing....that sort of thing.

Wish you well

silly sausage

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Those Uncle Ben's rice pouches only require one hand to prepare. There are loads of flavours and are low syn. You could top with quorn or chicken tikka strips. These can be microwaved too and don't need chopping. And baby cherry tomatoes.


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it won't be totally one handed though once set and in a cast surely.. they will leave your fingers and thumb exposed so it will be like wearing thick fingerless gloves on one hand..

I'm thinkng jacket 'taters and beans.. hold the taters in bad hand with a bag over it to scrub them..
wedges and roast chicken with veg..
roast dinner..


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Sorry to hear about your wrist! Mkae sure you rest it properly!

Ideas---- Use prepared stir fry mixes and quorn steak/chicken pieces, that can be done 1 handed... Asda chickpea dahl and a jacket with a pre-prepped salad baggie.


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hope you get better soon:D


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Thanks all, some good ideas. Think I need to get an electric can opener pronto. At the moment the way the cast is, I can't use my bad arm at all but this may change if it gets operated on - I find out at fracture clinic tomorrow.


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Sorry to hear about your wrist.

I normally do everything from scratch as i find prepared things expensive and i love cooking, but i think if i was in your situation i'd be buying prepared/ready chopped fruit and vegetables, stirfry veg packs, mug shots, Alpen lights.

Do you have a slow cooker? You could get ready diced chicken, ready chopped vegies and throw it all in with an oxo cube and boiling water to make a syn free casserole.

Helen xx


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This might sound a bit weird but my OH's Grandma had a stroke and now can't use the right side of her body.... She's adapted with things like she's got a chopping board with a nail sticking out, (sounds dangerous i know!) and she wacks her carrot or whatever on it and then peels, chops it etc with the nail holding it still!


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jooloo, wow!

That is pure genius! does sound a bit dangerous but I'm very impressed.

Lottie1982, I'm sure I have seen a carton of beaten egg somewhere, would be great for anything eggy.

Hope you get back to double handedness very soon!


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Can you get to a supermarket?
If yes, buy some frozen ready chopped onions, it means you can have the base of meals.
also, quorn chicken pieces so you can just cut the packet and pour with 1 hand.
and cartons of chopped tomatoes - so no tin opener is required.

Quorn chicken curry you can do, the recipe is on the SW website, just need onions (ready chopped...), spices (can pour 1 handed) and water.

Baked potato and baked beans - buy the beans with a ringpull, hold steady between your feet and pull open with the ringpull. Same with all veggies really, buy them canned with a ringpull and they will be ready chopped.


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So have been in hospital for the past 2 days - now the proud owner of a bionic wrist with a plate and 10 pins! Mainly been surviving on chocolate as the only food I was given I couldn't eat - e.g. toast - try buttering that with one arm in a sling!

Anyway, back on it as of tomorrow - I will not let this become an excuse, especially as I'm going to be off work for ages so no excuse not to cook, even if it takes ages!

Thanks for all the ideas and encouragement.