One little meal on LT?

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  1. K8*

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    Im after a little bit of advice. Im due to be cooking a large family meal on Saturday (we dont see each other very often as we live so far away from one another) and was wondering has any one ate a little bit of food one night and then still lost weight? Im going to find it incredibly difficult to cook the food and then not eat it! Especially as my family dont know im doing LT.

    Ill find it easy enough to go back onto the shakes the next day.
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    You will get lots of advice on here. Many will say pretend to be ill and stick with the shakes etc. Many will say its a Total Food Replacement diet so you must not eat. I agree it is a TFR and if you can stick to it then do. If not then low carb/high protein meal will not knock you out of ketosis, but can be a slippery slope to regular eating.
  4. BellyFlop

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    What Shaz says! ;)

    "A moment on lips, a lifetime on the hips!"
  5. lillie

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    im one who says dont eat,if you get away with it and still lose you will be tempted to do it again ,most of us have to cook for family every night and it is hard but i personally think its not worth it hun but the desision is yours,you wouldnt believe the tummy upsets ive had recently,ive been to 2 weddings a 21 and stuck to the LT xx
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    i wouldnt do it either....i went out to several birthday parties, made dinners, had easter to contend with etc during my weight loss and looking back im glad i stuck to it and didnt waver. like sharon has said, if you do get away with it, yourll think perhaps that next week you could do it again and it might be the slippery slope :)

    if they dont know...just say your either feeling a little unwell, have an upset tummy or have a flapjack, wrap it up in foil and say you made it yourself and its part of a little detox your doing..(which is what i did!)

    the decision is yours though obviously :)

    h xx
  7. howdy-doody

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    eating's cheating ;)

    Be strong, be resiliant, be thin :)
  8. fattothin

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    im with the above A BIG FAT NO!
  9. nictastic

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    I am with Lil...don't eat its sooo not worht it and like shaz says it can be a slippery slope to regular eatiing and then BOOOOOMMMMM a full binging session and constant binge ..LT...binge..LT ..its very hard to get back in the same mind frame after eating!!!!
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