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ProPoints One small step for man, one giant leap for a Kitten

Lets get this thing started. I've posted a bit and now I feel confident enough in what I'm doing and in myself to start putting it up on here.

I'm gonna ramble for a bit now just so you know a bit about me. I'm 29 had a breakdown 2 years ago which left me too scared to so much as leave the house. I was my own worst enemy, I lost a load of weight which was not intentional but when I noticed I kinda ran with it. Not being able to leave the house I wasn't working. My self worth took a nose dive and how I talked to myself in my head was just plain evil so with thanks to emotional eating I piled all the weight back on plus about a stone more.

So I would like to say goodbye to my fat pants and hello again to my skinny jeans. I want to feel better about myself which I know weight isn't going to change that completely but I have been making big changes lately. I know they might not seem like a big deal to most people but they are for me. I started working again, I don't avoid social situations as much as I used to and (this is the big one) I actually signed up for a zumba class tonight. I haven't been anywhere without support from family or my OH in so long I can't even remember, so this is such a big thing for me!

I started WW from home two weeks ago and lost 7lbs so far. I'm actually quite proud of myself not for the loss but for the change in me and my outlook on everything and the fact I'm not terrified to leave to house any more is a weight off in itself.

I know I haven't really had a one to one with any one on here but the positivity and the support on here is just brilliant and I want to say thanks to every one I have interacted with on here :)

So I shall post again tomorrow with today's food diary and how my first zumba class goes.

Hugs and love to all :grouphugg:
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will hit target this time
so sorry to hear about your breakdown sweetheart, but you're so inspirational for actually doing something about it and getting your life back on track - not just with regards to losing weight but all those other things you mentioned.

i'm sure with the help of you family, your OH and of course all of us on here you will get to your goal in no time at all!!

good luck, and all the best for the future xxx
Well done on your weight loss so far, 7lb is brilliant :), sounds like you've been through a lot so you should be very proud of yourself for taking big steps!

Hope your zumba class is plenty of fun!! x x x
Thanks so much gracie and nicola!

Had a fantastic time at Zumba! Went into the wrong part of the centre first and couldnt find it so at this point the old me would have freaked out and gone home but I went back out to the car park and waited like a lioness to pounce on any one who looked like they were there to zumba and followed them in. Didn't really talk to any one, every one had come with some one else and they were all clicky. Why do women do that? So I have made a promise to myself that when a new person comes in if they come on their own I am going to say hello and be a tad more welcoming than the others. Mainly because i know my main goal for joining is for the exercise but it wouldnt hurt if i made a friend or two on the way. Also I was the fattest on there lol but I was giving it socks! Caught on to the moves pretty fast and I was still red faced by the time i got home. Without a doubt going back next week :)

Now onto my food.

Porridge and Maple Syrup 5pp
Black coffee

ww pita 2pp
1/2 chicken breast 2pp
lettuce, tomato onion 0pp
olives... not sure of the pp on these but I pointed them at 1
1 tablespoon LF ceasar dressing 0pp

Spag bol which i points at 12pp in total

Muller light 2pp
Banana 0pp
Cherry coke 3pp

So that takes me up to 27pp for the day so 2 left over. No weeklies used.
Lets say hello to our skinny jeans together! Sounds like u have had a tough time! Good luck and ask any questions u like :) xx
Thanks Carly :) I've seen you round the boards, oh what a stalker I am! You seem super positive and kicking some a$$, with 20lbs down, I'm glad we're all in it together! Thanks for the support chick!
What have i been eating....
Well it was a late breakfast so I actually kicked off the day with a sugar free red bull but any who.
brown bap 2pp (checked the nv couldnt believe they were only 2pp, brown baps from lidl are the way of the future my friends!)
poached egg 2pp
mushrooms 0
Brown sauce 1pp
Black coffee

If some one could please clarify about brown sauce, I think on discover it was 0 but i wasnt sure on pp so I pointed, didn't check nv.

Red pepper and BNS soup 0pp
banana 0pp
Sugar free red bull 0pp (i needed an boost lol)

Dinner was going to be enchiladas but I was having one of those days where one REALLY inconsiderate person decided to not just mess up my day but 3 other peoples as well, I was so worked up by diner time i couldnt think straight! Luckily nice OH said he was "putting his foot down" lol and getting me a chinese. So.... here goes on my estimation on the chinese.

Veg chow mein 6pp
King prawn szechuan 14pp
Can of cherry coke 3pp

28 dailies used no weeklies used.

Enjoy your saturday every one. I've to bring a car load of stuff to the dump. Oh the joys :rolleyes:
Yay to the OH and the Chinese :) and brown sauce is free for 1tbsp or 1pp for two xx


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Hi Kitten well done on your weight loss so far keep up the good work n hope you enjoyed your chinese x
Well 2lbs down this morning. Woop! Kinda flaked out on the food diary over the weekend (Bold kitten!) so here's the weekend and the last two days....

3 Sausages 8pp
1 egg 2pp
brown roll 2pp

BNS soup
brown roll 2pp

Beef stirfry 11pp

muller light 1pp
26 pp used

2 boiled eggs 4pp
brown bread soldiers 4pp

bns soup
brown roll 2pp

chicken 4pp
potatoes 4pp
gravy 4pp

blondies and ice cream 14 pp worth every point!

28 dailies and 8 weeklies used

Porridge & maple syrup 5pp

Parsnip soup 3pp
brown roll 2pp

Burger 10pp
bns chips
2 cans of cherry coke 6pp

26 pp used.

porridge maple syrup and banana 5pp

parsnip soup 3pp
brown roll 2pp

Meatballs 8pp
Pasta 6pp

24pp used

Sooooo looking over it, I'm not hitting my points every day, and I'm barely tapping into my weeklies. Any thoughts on if i would be losing more if i was using all of them? I know its a common question and I have said myself you need to eat more to boost the metabolism but I'm not much of a snacker, I drink lots of water and black coffee which keeps me going between meals but its nice to know that I could let myself have a biscuit or a cracker and some cheese or something if i want to. I dont want to start piling stuff into my dinners or my breakfast just to hit the points.

New week, new menus to plan, shopping to do... I think i'll try to plan to get more of my points in.

Zumba tomorrow night too cant wait!

On a complete aside I'm getting bunk beds for the spare room today, hoorah! no more sleeping on the floor when friends want to crash.
Of to work now till midnight! Ugh I can't be bothered! If I can just get this shift over I'm off then for 2 days :)

Here's how today is looking so far

Skimmed milk
Ham toastie

Pot and leek soup
Bacon medallion
And fried egg

Not sure what I'm having for dinner yet! Think I'll be grabbing some sugar free boost on the way to work though :)
Lol Lauren! No probs! Enjoy your boost (made me want one!) and ur dinner whatever you decide on.

I'm all good Jem thanks, staying positive and delighted with my 2lbs down. Enjoy your evening! :)
Well done on ur loss :) xx
Thanks girls :)


No breakfast cos WI

White toast with butter 6pp
Spaghetti hoops 7pp

Special Curry 20pp
Veg chow mein 6pp
Cherry coke 3pp

29 dailies and 13 weeklies use.


Porridge mapple syrup banana 5pp

Forgot how awesome spaghetti hoops were so I had the same as yesterday 13pp

I'm giving a generous 4pp for bolognese cos I barely ate any of it
Garlic bread slices 6pp

28 dailies used.

Put on the bolognese about 6 yesterday evening and left it to simmer, BF came home about 6:45 and I asked him to keep an eye on it and stir it every so often. I left about 7 to do a few things before zumba and came back after zumba to the bolognese without the lid on all dried up and yucky, luckily I wasnt that hungry after zumba any way. Silly boys are silly.
Boys are rubbish! Lol :) x


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aww I bet you were looking forward to it too.....never leave a man to do a womans work ...lol enjoy your day x

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