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One thing you love about weight watchers...

That i can still eat my fav foods and lose weight :D
The freedom to make choices...eating what I want as long as it is pointed and accounted for...going out on a weekend and STILL losing...the change in my attitude to food...I cant just choose one!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
is that no food is off the menu meaning i can eat a normal dinner with my family
That when I ran for the bus today my size 12 jeans fell off me, even though I still eat out all the time and don't feel like I'm depriving myself :)
haha love this one! great news hun :) xx
That you don't deprive yourself of the things you love, you just have to limit the amount. A diet I have can chocolate with and still lose the weight!
It's gave me an education of what i'm putting in my body
My fav thing about weight watchers is that i am still eating yummy biscuits / cakes when i feel like it, having a cup of hot choc of an evening and able to have lunch or dinner out once in a while and still lose pounds every week! Magic diet isn't it?!
I love how it quantifies what I'm eating, I'm pretty sure if I started calorie counting I'd ignore some foods :) It helps me knowing that when I exercise it contributes to my points.

Also I love saving my points for that cheeky bar of chocolate on the weekend.
I love that it gives the power back to ME to decide what *I* want to eat without having a snotty doctor decide that I must eat a salad when I fancy some cod, or an apple!

I'm the best judge of what I put into myself thanks very much, if guidelines are given to me that I can follow!:p
I love that I can still eat all my favourite things (within reason :D), I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of anything.


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That I can eat the stuff my friends who aren't on diets can eat so it doesn't feel as though it's ruling my life. :)

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