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One week done


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Had official weigh in today, and am 6lbs down. I have a feeling it could have been even better if I had been good at the weekend.
Friday I was good, then Saturday my friend came down and we ended up ordering Chinese. We had some ribs, but in a very sweet sauce, then beef in black bean and chicken with cashews She also ordered noodles which I had one mothful of. Why do I not have more self disapline?? To make it worse I had over a bottle of wine. Yesterday I was good, but ate more than I should needed to.
This week: loads of water, no alcohol, just meat and green veg.
I have a wedding on Friday, will be there all day,so that is going to be hard, lots of free flowing wine and lovely food.
I'm guessing I am out of Ketosis now and will be again by Saturday (have Ketostix arriving anyday from ebay so can definitely check) Does it hurt to keep going in and out of it?
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Well done on the 6lbs loss anyway hun, thats fab. Not sure about going in and out of keto so cant help there. I am on day 6 and currently have only lost 2lbs so 6lbs is fab!! xx
Good for you L, go and post you loss on the weighing thread so everyone can see it. :)
well done on your loss. i was out of ketosis on holiday. only took me 1 to 2 days to get back in to ketosis and it wasnt half as bad as the first time other than a stinking headache!


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Well done on your loss, thats fab x


Carbs are Evil
Well done on your loss :)
WOW Debbie, why haven't you posted those pictures on the success thread. What a difference.
Thanks guys, that's really kind- I will be posting when I am at goal but not there yet! Not far to go really, 3/4 of the way there now which is lovely but really wanna be in a healthy weight range ASAP-I know it will come soon enough though.
I'm not actually an Atkins girl, am a SW follower but I have switched to red days (protein based) recently as have been finding carbs play havok with my IBS and so have bought the Atkins book to try and swot up. I feel that if I plateaux again, I will try and switch over to Atkins, I am low carb now anyway on SW Red days so it probably wouldn't be much of a switch but may give me a boost if I need it. Am finding the book really interesting and think it could suit me. Just wanted to say well done as although we may all follow different plans, we are all here for the same reason and 6lbs off is a fab loss! :)

You have all done so well- well done xx
well done for the 6lbs!!!! thats a MASSIVE achievment!

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