Extra Easy Online food diary?


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How do you write your meals down or food that you have eaten?

I have tried writing mine down in the food diary room on this website but i don't like the way it is. I have also tried writing it down in a pad but again its just all higgledy piggledy :sigh:

I'm not an online member nor to i go to class so it makes it harder.

I have a WW template on my computer thats counts points and everything when you write the food diary but i wouldn't know where to start to do a slimming world one :confused:

Can anyone help?
Thank you x
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The SW food diaries are pretty simple - box for free foods, box for superfree, box for your HEA, box for HEB and a box for syns. There is no point counting for SW, so you just need something simple.


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I do a meal plan, there's one floating around in one of my previous posts, pin it on my cupboard and jot down my syns onto it, only the numbers, so I know how many I've got left. If I'm out, I write them in my filofax, or on the back of a reciept. I know in a morning how many I have for the day, since they're built in to my plan. You could create a similar food diary and pop it in your bag.