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only 1lb down :(


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S: 16st5lb C: 14st3lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 2st2lb(13.1%)
Hi everyone im on lt 7 weeks now i kinda sort of went on refeed for the weekend other wise i knew i would break the diet now i didnt drink alchol, milk or even fizzy drinks i just had chicken salad(peppers ,scallons,white of an egg(no yellow bit) onion, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and chicken with balsamatic vinegar and salt plus water and black coffee that was it 100% honest and now im only 1lb down i really dont understand it if i done a normal diet i would be much more down is there something in the salad that i shouldnt have eaten does anyone know why i only lost a lb and also would any of these oods have taken me out of ketosis I know i shouldnt have broken the diet but ive had a reaaly tough week and i had to have some release somewhere and i thought i was being good cause i really would have loved to have a few drinks im really gutted over this any advice or help anyone
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hi there!! 1lb is still a good loss. lipotrim onli say on average 2lbs a week loss.even though u stuk to the refeed 100% over the weekend maybe tht has something to do with it. i went thru a stage towards the end of my lipotrim journey where i didnt lose a sinigle thing for 3 weeks. it is very of puttin and makes u think "y am i doin this when i not losing". but even though u havent lost maybe what you expected its still a loss and maybe u have lost inches!! keep up the hard work and dont let your 1lb loss put u off track!! all the best! :)


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S: 16st5lb C: 14st3lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 2st2lb(13.1%)
i feel really bloated aswell i just feel like chucking it now but i really want to reach 12 stone its not thin for my height but i want it really bad and im sick to death of drinking water all d time dont get them so not sure if its cause of that or anything i just feel like crying and im thinking of tellin everyone i lost more as they will be wonderin what the hell im doin on a diet that i cant eat but lost only 1lb but them again i ate so its prob my fault but i really had a tough week (marriage nearly broke up and i nearly destroyed my buisness well not me an idiot)so i felt i had to eat


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The refeed is a tricky thing and the results are different for everyone. The two previous times I did the refeed I gained 4 lbs that week, you need to consider that you're changing what you're eating and even the smallest amount of something like salt can cause water retention. Are you continuing with the refeed or going back to TFR now?
Trust all of us when we say that -1lb down is still a loss, perhaps not as big as you're used to but you can consistanly loose large amount each week, just want and see what the next week holds :)
Good luch,


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Hi sweetie

Don't beat yourself up! You came off thesiet for amcouole of days and didn't go straight to the fudge cake!!!

I lost 1lb last week and 6 this week!

Did you drink your water still??

You might be retaining some if u let slip the pints...

It will balance out don't panic



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S: 16st5lb C: 14st3lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 2st2lb(13.1%)
no im going back on tfr tomorrow but so far have only managed a pint of water usually would have 2 lt drank at this stage :( i dont even know what i was drinking over the last few days and prob wasnt drinking enough ah what can ye do but keep going ive my goal dress to but and a hol in august to look good for so thats keeping me going i was tempted to pack it in today but ive decided against it now and ill struggle on and hope next weeks will be better


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its probably just one of those things youll have to put down to being an off week. last week i blipped and had a piece of cake but i still lost 5.5lbs!! wth lol itll probably catch up with me this week but thats fine, i dont regret it and it was either that or give up all together which was how i felt at the time :) its still a loss and your weight is still going down rather than up. im not sure its true that youd necessarily lose more than a pound on a convential diet anyway, thats why we're doing this because it averages out at a stone a month (not 2lbs a week)

i wouldnt worry about it. just keep going and youll reap your rewards when you get to goal

h x


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Loudei - Im so sorry - I can understand your disappointment but like everyone else is saying, I bet it'll even out next week with a good loss.

Im so sorry to hear your having problems - are you ok??? If you ever feel like blowing off steam to a complete stranger, please feel free to pm me xx

Skinny Fairy - OH MY GOD - does LT really say 2lbs per week????


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S: 16st5lb C: 14st3lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 2st2lb(13.1%)
yea im fine now just had a tough couple of weeks starting back on tfr today so im sure ill be hell to live with for the next few days but what can ye do ive a target to get to guys its not 2lb a week its on average 14lb per month thats 3 and 4 lb per week and most people loose morew than that

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