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only 2lbs this week =(

only lost 2lbs this week, and the bf lost 1lb but we did have a small chinese early this week, and the bf had a pasty yesterday!!! he was thinkin of givin up doing this diet as he wants to pick all the time but i have convinced him to stick with it, as he has just got the news hes got a job we are going to celebrate with a naughty dinner which is planned and then ive told him i am going to try my HARDEST to stick to ss with nothing else for 4 weeks, i feel stupid saying this cos there are loads of you that have done so much longer than this, i feel kinda pathetic :( on the up side i lost quite a few inches this week and my cdc says i might be retaining water as ive drunk ALOT (water) and my scales said a huge difference to hers when they are usualy the same. anyways sorry for the long post just feel bad, and even tho i know after tonight i will try my hardest to be good, i know i can do it and i know matt can do it but when hes finding it hard i find it hard grrr...ill shut up now xxx
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Wow 2lbs and you had Chinese seems your getting rewarded for being bad ... i only lost 2lbs i was on plan i was doing some days ss+ as a very busy week,
Also letting yourself celebrate with food is using food as a reward and won’t teach you in the future to not allow yourself treats using food ! – i.e i have done well at something i will have a cream bum ? and so the weight comes back,
Maybe you should celebrate the job news but doing something together but not eating
You have both decided to do Cambridge diet which has very clear rules .. You can do it the way you want to but sadly it means prolong the journey and even not finishing it ( trust me i have had blips )
Try and think why you want to lose weight you have got a diet buddy in each other, your a team and have each other to lean on... :)
Sorry this isn't what you want to hear but no sympathy from me for only losing 2lbs when you haven't been 100%.I second what wannabe said about using food as a reward-you must get out of that habit as if you don't what's going to stop you eating all the time when you get to goal?
Drinking a lot of water isn'tgoing to cause water retention-the body holds on to water when you have too little.Perhaps a higher plan might be better for you-810 perhaps?On that you can have legitimate food which might help you both with the cravings if you're finding it impossible to stick to SS?
i know i can stick to ss and i did for 3 weeks then we have a cocked up last week cos i got really depressed over stuff/work etc which isnt an excuse, i know i cant justify having food tonight but he and the bf have had a chat and we are going to have food tonight but try not to be too bad and then thats it, no more i know i can do this just worried the bf cant, but i have to realise that if he messes up it is not an excuse for me to do the same, i know you dont agree with what we are doing tonight, and to be honest i dont feel 100% comfortable with it but my dad is intent on buying us dinner to celebrate, after this i want to prove to myself and to you guys that i can do it. understand if you dont want me to post anymore till ive got this sorted, i can see im annoying people
No need to stop posting-it's just a shame that you feel you HAVE to eat because someone else wants you to(ie Dad and bf).
well its cos the bf and my dad are quite close and dad thinks he deserves a treat as he was made redundant and now has got a great job etc and matt reaaaaaaally wants this food tonight but he will feel really bad if i dont have any arghh i dont know :S
i was kinda hoping the small loss this week would spur him on to do better this week, but that hasnt worked
You can't be responsible for what your bf decides to do foodwise,only for yourself.If you don't want to eat then don't,simple as that.If you do want to eat then do but bear in mind the consequences of doing so(ie poor weight loss,not being able to stick to SS etc etc).It doesn't make you a bad person, it just makes the journey longer.I know for myself, I wouldn't be able to stick to SS once I ate something, so I just find it easier to not eat,even for special occasions.
*sigh* i know, we were doing sooo well we had a big argument last night when he had told me he had cheated again and thats when he said he wouldnt be doing the diet properly anymore, if he stopped this diet i really dont think i could stick to it, the annoying thing is i dont find it THAT hard to stick to it, and when i do feel the need to eat i do ss+ which is more than enough, i feel so fed up cos yes i do want the food tonight, course i do cos its my fav, but then i dont cos its not really worth it is it? or is it?! if i know i will behave after?? how am i not annoying you rose?! lol x
Why do you think you can't stick to it if bf doesn't stick to it?I have a partner who eats all the time as well as 5 kids who I have to cook for.If he doesn't want to do the diet anymore then that's his choice but it doesn't have to be yours.As for the food,you can always have it after you finish CD you know, it's not something that will disappear off the face of the earth between now and when you get to goal:D I have made a list of foods that I intend to eat when I get to goal :)
Sorry if i sounded harsh ... was not my intention but i wanted you to see that being rewarded with food is a slippery slope,

what happens at the next bit of good news i.e you get your job another meal ?? - maybe if your dad wanted to treat you , you should have said we are on the diet so can we go for a family day out instead or when we finish you can take us for that meal, - cd is a life changing diet if you want it to be,

i really would hate to make you feel bad but i don't think your heart is in it at the moment, think you need to be losing weight for yourself and only you for it to work,
same with when i quit smoking my hubby hated it but i had to do it for me not him i quit over 3 years ago and i could only do it as it was on my terms i wanted it - i hope that makes sense,
lol i know and i know i can do it and probably could do it if he gave up, but that would suck!! and it would be hard, its just so fustrating that he doesnt see cd the way i do he thinks as long as hes losing SOME weight thats fine, but i see it as you should do it properly cos thats how u get maximum results and that causes arguments... right i think i have decided something,... i am going to have a ss+ meal with chicken tikka from where hes getting his food he can have what ever he wants if he wants to be really bad thats up to him, i know im not choosing the best option but its better than what i was gonna have and i know chicken tikka isnt that unhealthy at all (my dad used to own an indian) lol if i can stick to just that i wont feel left out and its not off plan so.... thats better isnt it?! ...bf aint gonna like this lol
wannabe, no not at all it just hurt cos i realised i really was beig pathetic, like i said above im gonna have an ss+ style meal, im sorry for being a pain
right i have to go, theres the summer fete going on :) thanks guys i will be strong and just have chicken and salad, the bf is arguing with me about it but i WILL ignore him, xxx
hes still sayin hes gonna have the full lot, but he feels bad, i said you feel bad cos you know you should try to be good, you will feel better if you hold back and prove you can do it! no luck so far.... lookin forward to chick n salad, :)

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Honey, I've read through this thread. What the girls have said is so true. One thing I must say tho is you're gonna have to stop looking at eating as you being bad or good. This diet can be for short term if you want it to be. The reason I'm doing it is that I got sick of yoyo dieting and getting nowhere. You're going to fall into the yoyo trap and only get more annoyed. Remember you are chosing to do this and as others have said already all that food will still be there when you've worked up the plans and have learned to maintain your fabulous new shape. It just depends how long you really want to stay on CD because all those times you choose to go off track means you'll be buying those sachets for longer and longer.

Do what you want to do. Let no-one control what you eat. I've had the lot thrown at me such as.......'she's baked this tart especially for you', 'I've been saving this easter egg all this time for you', or the chocolate gets passed around and lands in my lap, or the tart gets litterally put in front of me, or OH is tucking into his favourite food beside me.....the list goes on and on. I've decided to be very strong and not give in to please others. Why should i?????? If others want to eat all that let them but do this for YOU xxx

Good luck xxx
thanks sunshine :) and yes i know i can be very strong and i think i am being very strong, only 1 cheat in 4 weeks isnt terrible is it? its not good but its not horrific lol and i think im happier on ss+ just being able to look forward to a little something is lovely even if it is lettuce and chicken!! haha ive been very strong, mum was making an biriani...sp? and got me to sniff it and held out a spoon full as sadi go just a bit, (ive been craving one of these for months) and i said nope :) customers buy me choccy and doughnuts and i say no, so i know i can do it. and i want to do it i reckon im gonna have the ss+ meal tonight then decided if il stick with that or ss the only other time im gonna have to worry about food is at the end of july, my 20th and the bfs 22nd but i think we have already agreed we will go out that evening with no alcohol and a sensible meal, maybe go up a plan for that week, does that sound ok?
If I have any extra carbs(on top of those on the plan) I gain half a stone overnight so you did ok. Remember the key to the diet is the carbs so as soon as you add in extra you replenish your stores(which also keep 3 times as much water) and stop burning fat. I'd have a word with your cdc about ss+ even if it was just when the urge to eat arose.
You'll be ok, just stay away from the chinese :)

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Yep Kate, sound like a good plan. You're strong because you've come on here and posted and look how your attitude has changed. Set some mini goals for yourself too and put them on the fridge door as a constant reminder. tick them off as you go. It makes a huge differnce.

Well done you xxx
hehe thanks guys :) and re the chinese we did do our research on the food we ate and picked the lowest carb and left a load of the rice so our cdc was quite happy that we had made the decision to eat the best of what was avaliable so thats something! and sunshine, i live at home with parents and eat at the bfs dont think his dad would like me plastering his fridge with notes hehehe, this site is so great if i hadnt come on here i reckon i would have been very naughty which would have been silly, i have a renewed erm? attitude? :D and badger ive spoken to our cdc and she says its ok to mix ss and ss+ day by day but i dont like the idea of that, gonna pick one or the other and stick to that :)

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