Only day 3 and its oh so difficult

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by ebd89, 20 February 2009 Social URL.

  1. ebd89

    ebd89 Member

    Hi all its only the start of day 3 and im finding it really difficult. I feel more tired that normal and my stomach is making noises that could wake up a baby.

    Its really hard when you have a young family to cook for. Oh i hope i get through today.:(
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  3. slinkymalinkey

    slinkymalinkey Feeling fab!

    Morning ebd,day 3 is an achievement and you are going in the right direction. You can do this andthe results will be amazing so try and stay focused until your weigh in day and you will be rewarded with a fantastic loss and this will spur you on for your weeks ahead. It does get easier, i promise. It is difficult to cook for others, i won't deny it and again it does get easier. Hang in there,you can do this.
  4. ebd89

    ebd89 Member

    Ah thanks Slinkymalinky. You seem to be doing great. I do hope it gets easier.
  5. She-Ra

    She-Ra Full Member

    heya, (waves)

    Congrats on starting LT, you are doing great stick with it.

    I have a 6months old girl and have just started weaning, i am preparing her foods rather than buy the jars and i dont even know what they taste like. She seems to like them tho, have to see if the foods at right temp buy feeling it on my lip, have been tempted to lick the spoon lol,

    It gets easier, look forward to WI day, you will be pleased as punch :D:D
  6. ebd89

    ebd89 Member

    Cheers She Ra. I have three children under 7 and it so tempting to nibble. However i do really want to lose this weight. Counting the days to weigh in.
  7. coopercl

    coopercl Member

    hey ebd89
    rite hun ive only been on LT for around 8 days now n to start with neva fort id stick it cos its hard going eh.but believe me once ya body gets used to it (took me 5 days) its ace ive got energy in a mornin my skins glowing with all that water and i feel happy. i know its hard with kids ive got 4 ive started to cook for them then go sit in room untill they have finished (left oldest in charge or itll b allover walls lol) then i put left overs straight in bin stop me from picking..
    just give it all u got it gets easier n easier trust me hun.x
  8. ebd89

    ebd89 Member

    Cheers Cooperci. I know the rewards far out weigh the negatives. Ill keep plugging away.
  9. LovelyLauren

    LovelyLauren My husband = My hero

    just keep seein the bigger picture hunni!!

    its not forever, and its going to be so so worth it when ur done!!

    set little goals to go from week to week, so its not so daunting

    best of luck xxx
  10. ~missy-moo~

    ~missy-moo~ Getting thinner everyday!

    That's what I found hardest when I first started. It's so instinctive to try the food you're cooking ,especially if it's for your children.

    My first day on LT, I automatically put a green bean and carrot in my mouth, had half swallowed it, and then remembered I wasn't supposed to be eating, so nearly choked trying to cough it up. :D

    It was a habit that I had to break but now I can cook and although often I think "I could just eat that," I ignore it and when everyone is eating, go and do something else.

    Good luck and keep going. It DOES get easier.

  11. cazzy b

    cazzy b Full Member

    Hang on in there, it definately gets easier. The first week is the toughest and your halfway there. You will be pleased you stuck to it on your first wi. Good luck
  12. mrs bee

    mrs bee doesn't like the rain!

    if it's any consolation day 3 was my worst day, it really does get easier, you probably don't believe that right now, I'm not sure I beleived people that told me that so early on! You can do this and you will be so proud of yourself!! Good luck
  13. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    BUT it's SO SO WORTH IT :D:D

    stick with it - it does get easier...

    Debz x
  14. Pearly

    Pearly Full Member

    You have done really well so far - hang on in there for a bit longer and you will soon feel fine. Especially when you step on the scales.
  15. ebd89

    ebd89 Member

    Ah thanks guys. Its been so difficult today. However i have managed to stick to it. The support from you all is really spurring be on. So a BIG THANK YOU to you all.;)

  16. kered

    kered Gold Member

    Day 3 was my worst too and in the evening I actually went into ketosis, so stick in there and hopefully by the morning you will have gone into ketosis. Once that happens you will feel so differently. You are doing fantastic.
  17. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Hey ebd - hope you have a better day 4! I'm on day 5 and have been lucky because I haven't really had any problems. You WILL get there!!!

    Kered - I'm interested to know how you knew so precisely when you'd gone into ketosis??
  18. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Gold Member

    hope your feeling better today

    once first week is done its plain sailing
  19. ebd89

    ebd89 Member

    Well guys i'm managing too get through day four. Just had the chicken soup (won't be getting that again) I am losing weight and i dont feel as bloated but there is temptation all around. Not sure if i'm in ketosis yet. Being on this forum is really keeping me going.

  20. Chunkydunker

    Chunkydunker Fat Fighter!!!!

    Ohhhh day 3, the worst day! Then ketosis should kick in and you will wonder what all the fuss was about! It gets easier if you stick to it :0)
  21. vikh

    vikh Full Member

    hi ebd. Your doing so does get easier and you do get out the habit of tasting food ...i cook every day and dont tend to notice it now...but stick with it....first week is the hardest and after that it so worth it.....even on bad days am so pleased i've started this

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