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Help needed quickly!!!
Its our 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday and we have NO idea what to do. I really didnt think it through when i started back on 100% yesterday.
Should i just restart on Friday or can you come up with any other ideas what we could do insead of a meal???!!!
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You could have a nice Spa day together, go to a theme park for the day, spend the night in a hotel...

Just a few ideas I would do if it were me! Hope that helps x


On a mission!
Hi Goldylocks, how about going to a comedy gig or something? Your mind would be kept off food with all the laughing! And you could stick to sparkling water for the couple of hours. That's what I'd suggest anyway.

HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY!! You look only about 20 in your pic!


Like a Renegade Master
what ever you decide i would try not to put off the restart lovely, there will always be one reason or another, always. What about the cinema, or the theatre, a hot air balloon ride, or a night away somewhere lovely or just a day in bed *nudge nudge* lol i'll try and think of some more
I found the same thing.... i just figured at some point my life has to stop revolving around food!!!! Take it as a challenge to find something non-food related lol....
They are fab Deezer and a brill way to spend some quality time together especially if you have kids as they take up all your quality time!!

And its true, there is always something in the way to make it harder for you. Im the manager of a resturant and love my glass of wine to wind down with plus all that food being served all day...god, its gonna drive me mad but it wont beat me!!xx
Well Michelle... fancy being told by Shivie that you look like you're 20 :D :D (Shivie, when Michelle was in her teens she was always being told she looked young for her age... I used to tell her that one day her younger looks would definitely be to her advantage lol) Anyway.... I think this is good advice.... try not to let the occasion stop you cause there's often a reason why it's not going to be easy. I thought the pamper day idea sounded nice if you want to use those tickets :D Or the cinema.... I'm available to babysit as soon as you want in the day, whatever you decide xx

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