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Ooops- don't tell the husband!!

Made a boo-boo this evening...

As a good wife, I have made a stew for my husband, for when he's home late from work.
I took it out the oven, gave it a stir and instinctively put a piece of beef in my mouth!!

Realised what I'd done before it had even touched the edges...and spat it back into the stew pot!


...at least I didn't break the diet...unless a lick counts?!
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Ohhh thats sooooo naughty!
lol thats quite funny. if it was me id burst out laughing soon as he had a mouth full. x x
Haha! i keep doing that i put my finger in my mouth after putting rice on plates i spit it out straight away then i was bringing my mam a glass of orange and i had my water in the other hand and i took a big mouthful of the orange jesus i cud of having a fit ran straight to the sink spit it out an washed my mouth out after i kept thinking stupid stupid how cud i be so silly just shows though the kinds of habits we have. I take it as a learning experience knowing that i eat the food while im cooking at least wen im back eating i wont slip back into it coz i know i dont need too.


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hahahaha the diet is still fine but your hubby might not think that fine is a good word lol.

Well look at it this way, it's all good when he is smooching you :D

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lol, thats is so funny! My other half was eating choccy buttons the other day, and i said come here in give me a kiss...lol....He realised why i was being so loving....coz i wanted a taste of the choccy! lmao

mrs bee

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ha ha thats funny!
I have a problem with my 3 year old son, he never finishes an ice cream and always hands it to me. Soooo hard to resist. Only on day 2 but I am having severe headaches. Is this normal:cry:
Skinner me; Yep dead normal hun i had one for the first week just take some panadol and have some water you will feel better in a few days. Its just the withdrawal's from carbs and sugar
I've been cooking food that my son likes that I don't so I don't feel as if im missing out too much. I made him a stew the other day - had to get him to keep tasting it to make sure it was right lol
KelsH - I wouldn't mind but I HATE stew!!
I had the same thought - make food I don't like, it'll be easier - just goes to show huh - I'll stick anything in my gob!

(Just re-read that - You know what I mean

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