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I will do this!!!
So tonight we we're invited to the mother in laws for dinner and when we got there she pointed out how she'd done me a place at the table just incase!!! (she knoes im on this diet) then she said to me "will you be ok sitting there watching us eat? you can always have a little bit if you want!" and that got my mind wondering....."i suppose i could have a little chicken and veg" but i know it wouldn't stop there so i turned to my OH and asked him to take me home!! so i took the dog for a walk and here i am all alone at home with my water. Really struggling with my stomach grumbling and feeling hungry after smelling and seeing all the lovely food tonight!
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Well done for resisting Hun :)


I will do this!!!
it was so hard, i was in tears thats why i decided i had to leave!


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You have taken the first step tho hun at least you know you CAN resist even if it was hard xx


I will do this!!!
if it wasn't my 1st week then im sure i would have stayed, it all just smelt sooooo good!


I will do this!!!
god i hope so, just 11 more weeks (min) to go :)
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In my first week I was away with friends and the kids and we went to KFC the lot! The way I thought about it was that although I was gutted not to eat the food then and there I knew an hour later I wouldn't have remembered eating it! I knew that it was one meal-i always take it one meal or one day at a time! I still tell myself the same when we're out now- it might look nice and taste lovely while your eating it but in am hour or two no one will still be tasting it or enjoying it and the difference is I'll be skinnier for not eating it where as they'll just be the same but with an extra 1000 calories under their belt!

The rewards are worth holding out for honest :)


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well done hun. first wi for us 2moro :) we got thru our first week yey x


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Well done pizzle!! Quite a few of us weighing in tomorrow :D


I will do this!!!
woohoo bring on tomorrow!!


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well done! - its so hard and you did well. It is worse on the first week and so hard to remember why you are doing the voluntary torture - but then you weigh! and it all becomes worthwhile. As Starlight says the next stage is to stay and ignore food.
I have just sat for three hours on a train whilst the person sitting next to me demonstrated how to eat as much junk food as possible. It only helped when I looked at the piles of fat spilling over her waist band. I did not used to be so intolerant or smug but the smells where overwhelming and there were no other seats and I was starving. So I focussed on remembering why I am doing this - I never ever want to look like her again. I never ever want to eat junk and drink sweet pop and smell of over flavoured crisps. Feeling slimmer is much better than feeling full of junk food and nothing ever tastes as good as slim feels. I sound like a preacher! But I survived.
So well done, it is worth it.

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You really did so well to remove yourself from the situation, the longer you do this the easier it is as you get more used to turning things away, ignoring things
Well done :) Hope your WI goes well :D


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Congrats!! With the title of the thread I thought you had caved. Well done for passing up the opportunity. :)
That is such a hard situation. I really admire you for making the tough decision to get out of there! I can never really understand why people seem to undermine dieters' efforts left and right. I am sure she was just trying to be nice, but I wish people would stop and THINK before trying to push food on someone who is dieting :( My other half is the same way... he eats almost constantly, and every time he picks up some food he tries to get me to eat, also. I have to say 'no, no no no' at least 20 times a day sometimes. Each time I say to him in exasperation, "I am on a diet, remember??" and he says "oh yeah, I forgot" as if we hadn't had the exact same exchange just an hour ago. I think maybe I should make a big cardboard sign that reads "WHAT PART OF 'I'M ON A DIET' DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?' and just hold it up instead of bothering to speak. :D


I will do this!!!
i just dont think she understand the concept of the diet even though iv explained it over and over. Oh well i didn't eat and the me before would have scoffed my face diet or no diet so im happy, even though i had to leave.


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Well done for standing firm pizzle!! :)


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well done pizzle84 :)

Fantastic result on your first WI yay!!!
:happy036: :happy036: :happy036:
That was a challenge yesterday but you have won!!! Congratulations love!

Your will power (yes you have one) will build up a lot on this diet. You will be able to go out with friends, take part in parties, BBQ ans so on, without any problem. You will be able to do anything you like. You will become much more confident, slimmer, prettier. You will become a different person. The one you want to be, the one hidden deeply inside you.
This diet changes people's life.
You become stronger than ever before.

Good luck for your week 2 and keep it up!!!

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