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OOPsie roll>


Fat busting crime fighter
oopsies are my speciality. Even my 13 year old girl loves them but has them sprinkled with icing sugar to sweeten them
I was thinking of oopsies at 7am this morning. The kids were up early and asking for breakfast and asked if they could have crumpets. As the smell of hot buttered crumpets adorned with strawberry jam or honey filled the house, I wanted an oopsie roll. Havn't tried them yet, but need to as I miss the picking up a roll type thing and filling it/spreading it and scoffing it!!!

Into town tommorow to buy a muffin tin and then I'm off, never bought cream of tartare in my life I'm sure that's the stuff you use to make playdough!

Breakfast didn't turn out too bad, indulged in blackcurrant jelly with cream, felt gorgeous, just like Christmas when you polish off the left over trifle for breakfast - very naughty!

Chunka have read your oopsie tips and feel confident but will report on success
I was going to try them this weekend but never got around to it somehow. I must remeber next weekend.


Fat busting crime fighter
Im making opopsies now - will share pictures

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
I made a batch yesterday. Hmm...

They came out a bit underdone, I think. 300F is apparently Gas Mark 2 - can anything cook at that heat? They looked good on top but were a bit squishy underneath. I left them on a rack for about four hours but they didn't harden up at all. Tried splitting one and it was kind of wet in the middle, put it in the toaster but couldn't spread butter on it as it just fell apart.

In the end I put the rest of them back in the oven upside down for 15 mins at Gas 4 and they firmed up okay. Kind of light, fluffy, merangue-y texture in the middle.

I wasn't hugely enamoured of the flavour - I can see that they would probably be better suited to being sweetened rather than savouried. I'd made mine with a pinch of salt and garlic powder. I put one under the grill with a bit of Double Gloucester on top and it wasn't a complete disaster, in fact it's nice to have something that I can melt cheese onto and eat with my hands. I guess if I put more toppings on it might mask the slightly puddingy taste.

I might try another batch at the weekend and add more flavours, I was thinking maybe black onion seeds & dried oregano in the yolk mixture and some grated Cheddar on top of each mound...
Sounds good to me LM


Fat busting crime fighter
Ok the oopsie trick is this (I make them overy other day and they are perf)

Whisk egg whites and cream of tartar until extra fluffy.
In another bowl hand mix (not whisk) egg yolks and philly (I use sainsburies cream cheese at 48p a tub!)
Then slowly fold into the whites trying not to break the whites down to much. I usually scoop from the bottom of the bowl and turn over about 10 times..
I place on a non stick baking sheet in 6 dollops (the last dollop is always flatter cos you are catching the last of the yolks).
Put in oven on gas 3 for 25 minutes.

Best served with whipped cream, strawbs (and I have strawbs on induction and the weight is dripping off me) and a sprinkle of splenda but I usually have sugar free maple syrup.

Savoury - mmmmm. Melted cheese and onion with cherry tomatoes and ham (like a pizza).

They are nice toasted with primula cheese on them too. My daughter loves them with a sprinkle of icing sugar on them and she is a very fussy eater.

Please dont become despondant about them, they are such a life saver when you have the munchies.


Alway see the love x
<<< didnt pop to the shops as sent *him* out hee hee
Cream of tartar? He came back with nothing. Where do you get this? Is it tartar *thingy stuff* you have with fish? Some how after typing this it doesnt seem likely......
Can any1 help, please?

Ta lovely`s

Woofy X

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
I had to look it up, I'd never heard of it either! Shows how much baking I do. It is a white powder, similar to baking powder and found on the same shelf in the supermarket. Definitely NOT tartar sauce! :)
I've been shopping today - have a lovely new clean baking sheet, eggs, cream cheese and a pot of cream of tartar - oopsies here I come. I also bought 3 multipacks of porkscratchings and ate 3 small bags in the car! Bliss did feel a bit odd not being sat in a pub with a pint though but still Bliss!


Happily pro pointing!
Just a note if you are baking, baking powder has carbs in it, and quite a few as I remember, but you can substitute it by using 3 parts cream of tartar and 1 part bicarbonate of soda and that works just fine.


Fat busting crime fighter
cream of tartar isnt strictly a raising agent... it just holds egg whites together... like in meringues.
Going to add photos in a minute
I had a complete oopsie disaster I was so keen to make them, I didn't read the recipe properly. Put the Cream of TT in the yolks not the whites they came out so runny looked like pancakes and I didn't want to waste the rest so threw it in a casserole dish and baked !

Well the flat ones were not good, but in true 'hog' style I ate them anyway with bacon and worcester sauce because I had been obsessing about them. The baked thing looked good rose up about 4 inches and was golden, inside told another story of anemic scrambled egg crossed with a school milk pudding of choice - yuk!

Not dettered as have my new handwhisk to 'oopsies2' on Monday - Cream of TT is definately going in with the whites!!!


Fat busting crime fighter
right, thats it - ill get my pics on before the weekend is out ok?
I have all the ingredients now (is Philadelphia ok?) but need to find a muffin tin!

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