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Operation Cinderella Launched

In seven weeks time in true cinderella fashion I have been invited to a ball. The only difference is my fairy godmother has yet to appear :) so unless a miracle happens she won't be zapping me with her magic and I won't be a size 10 :eek: so to keep me focussed i'm going to plot my journey from now to the day and I expect beyond. I hope it's not to late to give myself a bit of a makeover, I was only invited to go last week.. I will write the ups and downs of my day and share my thoughts and feelings.. feel free to read and if you have a pumpkin handy save it I might need a glass carriage .. oh and some mice for footmen.. :D:D:D
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oooh.. fantastic idea and what a target! Can I suggest you put £2 in a jar everyday you stay on plan so you can have your nails and hair done or something for the ball too as an extra incentive?

Looking forward to making the journey with you :D
Great idea!! in fact I will make the appts in advance so I don't back out. I think this could be the place I will be able to think about what I am doing for myself, something I feel a bit awkward about. I tend not to bother and focus on other people, somehow it's easier that way. I guess covering up in baggy clothes is another way of hiding :eek: thanks for the encouragement GG..
S: 20st0lb C: 16st7lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 3st7lb(17.5%)
We've got to learn whatever tools we learn how to love ourselves and nuture ourselves otherwise we will go straight back to loving ourselves with or hiding with food when we finish CD.


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I *love* the name Operation Cinderella! I am also going to a ball, not until the start of March but am using it as motivation. I love Gorey's suggestion about money in the jar, I'm going to use that too! xx


Slowly but surely x
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Hey Cinders, you shall go to the ball - make sure you chuck that clock away so that midnight will never strike xx
Day 2.. Well what a strange day :( I went off to work well dragged myself in after feeling so rotten the last few day's.. well it seems I've had a reaction to my swine flu vaccine I had Saturday :mad: in fact I got sick within four hours. So I sat at my desk wishing I wasn't.. weirdly and I mean weirdly it got to 2.00pm and I realised I hadn't eaten :eek: just not hungry at all.. so there I am feeling sorry for myself .. sniffing sighing and huffing.. when my colleague said.. Sarah go home you look like ****.. who needs enemies?? so the launch has had a minor blip.. this time without food though.. going to get a shake down me and get glugging.. early weigh in this week so need to get going.
Operation Cinderella stalled blipped and ground to a halt.. funny how when I make plans and get in the zone I get sick.. most of my day's are abit uppy downy as I like to call them, I have a long term illness that creeps out of the shadows and has a habit of biting me on the back side :eek: its then my medicines are increased and the whole cycle starts again.. for me there have been months and months of high levels of medications and you wouldn't believe that I have been doing this cd malarky for six months :eek: without my cdc I would of given up, she has been my rock and has taken time out to look up my illness and how it affects my weight.. or at least what the tablets do to me.. she calls it our unique journey and says WE will get there.. she woops and jumps for joy even when its only a pound loss.. I've not experienced the thrill of loosing loads at one time (now watch me eat my words and a miracle will happen :))

I have finally got to grips with 810 and I'm looking forward to doing some different things this week as I have time off. Thankfully I am able to work but there are tough day's and my health takes a hit.. I hope you all don't mind me rattling on and I havn't bored you all..
well I am over my wine gum frenzy and I had a better day today.. need to increase my water I think.. a la Fizzy :)
S: 20st0lb C: 16st7lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 3st7lb(17.5%)
Fair play to you for keeping going and staying positive in the face of so much that appears to be out of your control! You should be very proud of yourself hon.
Thank you Gg, I thought it might help by actually writing it down as the last six weeks I have been so close to stopping.. I kept thinking god this is agony as I can go ages without a loss then woosh.. then stop! Like my cdc reminded me if I threw in the towel goodness know's where I would be.. I'm hoping coming back to minimins and seeing how everyone is doing will help as well x
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I have a long term illness that creeps out of the shadows and has a habit of biting me on the back side :eek: its then my medicines are increased and the whole cycle starts again..
Sarah lou,
well done you for sticking with it despite the meds , it can be an extra challenge with everything else that goes on in our lives while we are doing CD. I hope you are not in too much pain. I used to be on meds for hbp, never liked them, made me feel fuzzy, but at my highest weight I just had to take them:(. Anyhow keep on keeping on and I also hope the new part of 810 is making the transition much easier for you. I think the food options which have been updated offer a real treat so it does not feel like a diet.
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wishing you lots of luck on your journey - you can do this ! x
Rain Rain and more Rain :( I guess that's what happens when you have a week off work in October.. had a treat today and had a new hair do :) it's a nice trendy short cut and I had it coloured a rich blue black :eek: my Mum said I look like a Raven..I think that's a compliment.. the talk in the salon was about the C word and forthcoming nights out..I told them about doing the 810 plan and sat poised ready for the negative remarks I have received in the past from other people but they said nothing.. so it's offical I've come out and told my hairdresser.. seeing her again in four weeks so fingers crossed there might be a difference in how I look ;)

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