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Opinions and Thoughts from returners needed :)

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Hi, I hope some of you can help.

Im a yo yo dieter and been on and off diferent diets for years now.

I have done cambridge this time last year and did do well .. i think i lost 2 stone and then just lost the plot life got in the way and i fell off the wagon and couldnt get back on ....

WeightWatchers ive done and really dont like the new plan atall and SW i dont feel fits with my family and also do not get the EE .....

ive also considered Gastric Bypass surgery this of course is my last result and i have done alot of research into this and i am fully aware you need to work with it! ..

my Question is this .... when your a cambridge returner is it possible to get back into it easily? . im worried i wont be able to click wit it again ..

thanks so much and i apoligise for babbling
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Hey , I know some people do struggle but some find it easy too . I have restarted about 4 times ( due to breaks , an operation etc ) and each time I have actually found it easier !! as a returner you KNOW it works , you KNOW it works fast and you KNOW after the first week it gets easier .

I hope you find the plan that is best for you and are able to loose weight with it :)


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Hello - I am also a returner.
I am not starting back until Thursday (as my appointment with my cdc is tomorrow evening) so I'm sure there's many more people on here more qualified to give you an answer.
I would say though that cd is hard. Very hard. Especially in the first week while you are still getting into ketosis.
However, this challenge is a mental one, and if you are determined enough then you can stick with it and get great results. Just looking at the current users of this site, there are success stories everywhere.
A gastric band comes with its own mental challenges - that will stay with you the rest of your life.
Therefore I would think its worth giving cd another go. It won't be easy, but it might be easier than never being able to eat a full meal ever again.


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When re-starting I found you really have to want it! I mean really want it, more so than the first time you did it! That said I have done nine weeks and I am flying along. x


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Well, I'm on day 2 of a re-start and I have to say I had forgotten how hard it is!! I have set myself a time limit, so I know I'm only doing this for 4 weeks (ss) and then moving up the steps to 1,000 cals. I didn't regain the weight I lost (except for a Christmas 7lb), but I have slowly started slipping back into a bad relationship with food. I think this diet is great for breaking bad food habits, hence me SS-ing for a few weeks before re-introducing healthy foods.

It is true that this time you know the first week will pass so it makes it easier to stick with (I hope - but I'm only on day 2!).

Good Luck and use this board a lot - it's a great distraction for any hungry moments whilst you are getting into ketosis!

Kate x


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I'm not a CD returner but am a VLCD returner. I found CD really easy to get into tbh because I'd done VLCD before.


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I'm a CD returner and yeah it's tough but I did this for 6 months last year so I know I can do it, I know it works, I know it's a huge waste of money to cheat and I know that as the weight comes off more and more I feel so much better mentally and physically so I can't justify not doing it! Good luck hun whatever you choose but I would definitely say give CD a go again and give it your all and then look elsewhere x


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I first started cd oct 2009 & lost 3 stone but in that time have had holidays & whole months off cd & have managed to get back on it when needed! This is the longest break I've had off been about 3 months & I've put over a stone on. I am back on it ( only day 2 mind!!) because I know this diet works for me!! I have tried every diet going & this has been the best, & I have learnt how many calories my body needs to maintain. Remember it works & Its worth a go if nothing else! Good luck!
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this is my 3rd time ss. i lost loads then got pg, had baby then lost 99.9% of it again, then i lost the plot and couldn't get my head back into the diet after a break. after a time out i came back and have lost the bit i put on and more weight. i find that this is the only diet i can get my head into. ss really works for me and i'm always 100% on no food. find it a bit of a struggle right now after the xmas hols off as i'm back on the 810 but have massive cheese cravings.
Hi I am restarting tomorrow. I lost 5 stone with LL but they do not have any counsellors. The Cambridge lady is lovely but I do miss having a group. I put most of it back on but know that it is the only diet where I feel in control. Having lost weight before I know how good I felt. Van


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Hi i have just restarted on day2 now, I find it easy to get back into one because i know i will see results quickly, and when i not doing this i am a terrible picker of food, even when i not truly hunger. But i am determined after having a baby in september that i will lose all the weight i gained and be back in my size 14 /16 jeans before no time. You have to be in the right frame of mind and really want it for it to truly work. Good luck and if you do this you know you will succeed
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Hi there,

I`m restarting Thursday as I`m off to see my CDC tomorrow evening. I`m back to finish my weight loss as I decided to take a break last July.

I am actually looking forward to starting again - Mebbe I`m crazy ;) lol But I agree that you have to REALLY want it and to be "in the zone" then you`ll succeed x

I did try LT before trying CD and it was horrendous *bleurgh* and I worried if I would struggle doing a VLCD again but I found it quite easy. I must say though, That I have never done SS, I have done SS+/810 Plan as my body cannot cope without some solid food.

Good Luck, You can do it!! Xxx


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Hi Snugglebug...

I, too, am a returner. I lost 5 stone with LL (like Van) but I think I have the books and tools and experience of that program behind me -- and that I would rather just have the support of my CDC and manage with this forum and focus on fitness.
I think the Determinator said it all -- you know it works, and fast. And, it gets easier... I think having done it you know what to expect and if you are in the right state of mind, you will manage just fine.

Good Luck... you might consider joining some of the challeges going.


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