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Opinions Views and Feelings Please DOES CS WORK ?

Hi I have been reading everyones threads and am wondering does Cs work well?
Its Howdy Doody that made me wonder,hes a man and his loses have dropped off although hes struck to plan?
Now we all know men lose fast and yes hes lost an amazing 16lbs in 4 weeks but I think he would of done that on WW or SW? So what does everyone else feel?
My week 2 I stuck to the plan 110% and lost just 1lbs?Might of been totm but I dont know as week 3s got lost and I had to wait AGES for it.......
I wonder does Cs really work?
xx Thanks:sigh:
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I have read a few posts and I think that week 3 is always the small amount of weightloss. This is when your body is really starting to understand that it is not just a temporary thing and more of a permenant one. So perhaps that may be the answer??

I have only been on it a week, I think it is great for getting in it to gear to start to eat a healthy eating plan. The 1 shake in the morning and afternoon is great. The diet makes you really think about how you can make your food enjoyable but less fatty or carby. Which to me is a good thing as I didnt bother before and it does shock you how many products contain fatty things.

So the way I see it is If i lose weight on it at the same time as me regimenting myself to be a healthy eater then this is fab!!

Hope this helps!
weight losses with cambridge will be alot bigger its about half of the kcals
I have been on CS for 8 days and have lost 8lbs. I think this does really work. I have previously been on WW and it took me ages to lose that amount. For me i think it is easier, because i just basically eat no carbs. With WW there is a lot of choice and for me that wasnt good.
I seem to be losing 1lb per day, just by being really strict.
I have been on CS for 8 days and have lost 8lbs. I think this does really work. I have previously been on WW and it took me ages to lose that amount. For me i think it is easier, because i just basically eat no carbs. With WW there is a lot of choice and for me that wasnt good.
I seem to be losing 1lb per day, just by being really strict.
I was really really strict and in week 1 I lost 6.5lbs week 2 1lb and I did everything to the rule?
WW isnt good for me eirther but I just wonder does CS work after week 1 the losses for such vlcd are small if you research it?
Then I suppose its costing the same as WW but you just crave more?

Well done good loss xx
Hi it is quite normal to plateau around the second or third week. You can't expect to loose weight in high amounts without your body needing to do some adjustments. Remember we are eating lower amounts of carbs than we used to and our bodies need time to adjust to the new way of eating. I was on Go Lower before this. You go into Ketosis on it but it was very common to have a plateau at some time in the first few weeks. On their forum there was a thread dedicated to it, and their support team regularly gave advice on this. You want your weight to keep off don't you? It is common knowledge that smaller regular amounts tend to stay off. I plateau'd on GL and after that went onto get another good loss after that. All the losses here show a pattern of plateauing which can happen on any diet. I only lost 2lb on CS in week one and I was delighted. I will stick to it as it is easy and they taste nice. For most people losses of 1 or 2lb a week is usual. Please keep at it, and I'm sure you will be loosing again before long.
Hey there, not bad ta. Been doing the old calorie counting and am losing 1-2 lbs so fairly happy (and I get toast!) :)
I mst admit, I get the points you all raise, but CS is expensive if the weight losses ar fairly small. cambridge is stricter but much more effective so the cost is minimised by being on it for less time. I think CS is an expensive slimfast to be honest...sorry folks. I also get the plateau thing....but I would expect that with a higher calorie intake. the calorie restriction on this should be ensuring consistent weight loss. I also think that 'body just adjusting' is a common line peddled by all diets when they just stop working. It means not a lot really.
kcal counting did nothing for me just stressed me out, i lost 1 pound last week on slim fast and have lost 6 in 4 days on cs so sticking with this for now, i did cambridg last year got to goal went on honeymoon and came back 3 stone heavier so will never do a vlcd again, but each to their own, good luck
I've lost 18lbs in 5 weeks on CS, just dug out my old Lipo card and I lost 23lbs in 5 weeks on that

so a 5lb difference in weight but no comparison in my well being as LT is vile and also hard mentally and socially.. well was for me anyway!

The main thing I like about CS is still having to think about what I am eating, TFR diets take this away and you just find yourself fantasising about what you would like to eat, even if you dont feel hungry (if that makes sense!).. I have really surprised my self that in such a short space of time I have not missed carbs at all.. I was the biggest bread fiend ever prior to starting this and i'm not even bothered about having it now!.. was never a big spud eater but do like rice and pasta.. will just change to wholemeal when I start to re-introduce these to my diet.. think a low carb diet is the way to go for now :)

my week 3 blip was also a combination of going away and not drinking any water and a sneaky chip or two :eek:
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Well guys, may as well throw my tuppence in!

We're are all different as to what works for us, we all have different metabolisms, we all have different weight amounts to lose, we have different levels of activity and are all different ages - so what works for one, doesn't necessarily work for another...but you don't know 'till you try.

If you stick to CS in week 1 by the book, you will lose anywhere between 4-10lbs, this weight loss in week 1 is your water retention and glycogen, not fat. Glycogen stores weigh generally up to 5-7lbs. Thereafter it is pretty much fat and muscle, hence much lower weight losses, say 1-3lb per week, which is totally normal and good. The minute you reduce/cut out carbs (CS, any total meal replacement diet such as CS, LL etc) you lose your glycogen stores, however, the minute you start to eat "normally" again, this weight will go back on, as your glycogen stores re-fill - it's nature and you can't stop it, unless you stay on the diet forever - god forbid! I've been there done that and this was explained to me by my Ligherlife lady, however, I've been lucky and lost most of the 10lb gain I put on after finishing LL last October by cal counting and taking up keep fit classes, but I was still 3-4lbs over my final weight and still am but at least I've maintained as such over the last few month and I'm really pleased with that.

For me personally, I don't have a Rowlands where I live and have decided to go back to calorie counting (just like you Lexi!) but I will watch my carb intake in the hope of losing around 2lb per week.

For every diet out there, you will always find many for the diet and many against the diet, but at the end of the day you need to try it to find out and make up your own mind.

Good luck everyone in whatever you decide to do, as long as we get to our goal weights, who cares which diet you end up following - just be happy - you only get one live and one body after all xx
I think my depreciation for the diet was when week 3s packs went missing and then I was told id have them next day delivery as mine went missing only to receive them later than that?
Rowlansds have now switched to Royal mail,but I thought I would have got a sorry for my lost weeks but there was nothing so I think if that hadnt happened id of maybe been more happy?I think CS need to have a bigger retailer like boots as Rowlands isnt a big store and Im miles away from one.
But hey I dont know what to do now?xx
Thanks for your replies xx
I cant really compare myself to anyone as the only week i was 100 percent on this was the first! Going back to it today though but i do like this diet. Once you get over the first few days it was easy, i found as soon as id slipped up though i was on a slippery slope down and couldnt cram enough food in my fat face lol haha hoping to get out of this rut now - today and we will see what happens. I def think it depends on the person and what will work fo you as an individual, like alison said you wont know till u try if this is the diet for you.
Hiya All!

I can't tell you just how much I am loving this diet! Before xmas I was seriously considering going on LighterLifer or the Cambridge. But I decided against them, mainly due to cost (LL is about £70 a week and CD was going to cost me £50 a week cos of my height!) then I read about that poor woman that died from drinking far too much water on LL. So I just left it.

Thank God that after Xmas thats when the adverts for Celebrity Slim started to pop up on the TV!! Even better knowing that the nearest Rowlands to me is about 5 mins away!

So I went and had my last supper (Friday- Pizza Hut, Saturday- Chinese and Sunday- Massive roast with belly pork!) and started the diet Monday. I was also on a weeks holiday from work which i was thankful for, cos it meant that I could stick to the diet 100% and get use to it before heading back.

i love the shakes, the soups are a little undesirable...and i could only take one bite of the bars! But other than that its a brilliant diet, with lots of support when needed. I also enjoy the fact that I can still eat food with the shakes.

The only downside I have experienced so far is awful constipation that I was suffering with last week. I took some Senakot and it worked straight away, but from that night I have been having a bowl of All Bran, mixed with hot water, with just a sprinkle of sweetner, and that is my evening snack/ pudding. Its worked like a charm!!

I think I've rattled on for ages now...but I just want to say that everyone is doing well! We all just need to stick with it!

Sooz xx

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