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seriously considering slim and save - opinions and experiences please!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Ruby Shoes, 19 October 2012 Social URL.

  1. Ruby Shoes

    Ruby Shoes Full Member

    hello everyone, im currently a slim and save considerer and have been lurking for quite a while (really hoping the bosses atwork dont check my computer history!)

    abit of background on me:

    13st :sigh: and 5 foot 2 :cry:

    this time 3 years ago i was 8 and a half stone - admittedly the last half a stone was due to the heartbreak diet, but before then id gotten from 9st 10 to 9st by myself. to cut a long story short, i have spent the last 2 years EATING. my main problems being eating for the sake of it (no one really needs 4 pkts of crisps in one sitting), going out for dinners with the girls, takeaways with the boyfriend, he doesnt drink so bottles of wine to myself!!! and just generally having no self control.

    so far i have tried slimming world - put in half a pound every week and my mother lost 3lbs each week eating the same things as me. obviously heartbreaking.
    this last month i have been healthy eating (shedload more protein, reduced carbs and fat) after getting my blood pressure checked (high at 24 years old!!!), started cardio again but admittedly lapsed when i didnt lose a single pound in 3 weeks.

    so now i am desperate and very very annoyed. feeling very disheartened taking HORRIBLE lunches to work and eating bland dinners and not seeing any change. so i figured why not swap horrible food i dont enjoy eating anyway for slimming products instead??

    the only thing is that i am a monster when hungry, so im trying to weigh up my chances of succeeding on a VLCD and killing everyone around me.

    at the moment i should be saving for a new car, so i only want to take the financial plunge if its the right thing to do.

    how have other people found the diet so far? opinions on the flavours and food on the plan? how long did it take before you didnt want to chew off your own arm through hunger???
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  3. kjs1628

    kjs1628 Surely....

    I was feeling very similarly- kept trying and not succeeding and in the end thought I'd try something more hardcore. I'm only 8 days in but I have to say I've really enjoyed it. It's kind of mindless, just choose your four meals and don't digress. I think I was ready for something stricter.

    With regards hungry, for some reason it hasn't really been a major issue. In the not so distant past I would feel very sick if I was hungry and had to eat every few hours, but I've not struggled with this at all. I really don't know why because you are eating very little in terms of bulk.

    But for me, so far, it's working. Loving it. I even like the food and I'm loving the results.

    Why don't you buy a weeks trial pack and see how you get on? That way you get a good variety of packs, have a go at if and see if it suits. I bet you'll be ordering more come day five!

    Good luck whatever you decide to do. Xx
  4. Lord LuLu

    Lord LuLu Full Member

    Two words - life changing! I started on Exante and did well on that but switched to S&S for the variety. Once I'm in the zone nothing will make me 'cheat' whereas on a regular WeightWatchers/calorie counting diet I would think nothing of a small cheat with the justification being I could factor it into the diet. With a VLCD there are very few things you can factor in so it really is all or nothing! For me the fact that the weight is lost so quickly is really motivating. I had pretty much the whole of the summer on gorge mode so had put a lot of weight on, a month back on S&S and my face is thinner and I walk past shop windows wanting to see my reflection instead of looking away! Once I'm in ketosis I'm not hungry, although you do have an empty feeling there are no feeling 'sick with hunger' moments that I used to get whilst eating regular food.

    I say go for it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The packs sell well on ebay if you give it a go and it's really not for you. Also in relation to the 'financial plunge', I spend way less on S&S packs than I did on food shopping and takeaways and I bet if you add up what you spend on food/alcohol/takeaways/lunches at work you'll find that S&S actually compares very favourably!
    Last edited: 19 October 2012
  5. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    I am on day 35 and enjoying it. I don't feel that hungry and don't think about food all the time

    This us my first ever VLCD and I just take it one day at a time and promise myself I won't cheat that day It all adds up

    I was a very slow loser on SW and although I loved the diet it was demoralising only losing about 2lb a month I have lost in 5weeks what it took me to lose in 9 months on SW

    You just need to do what is right for you. If you decide to go ahead you have to be prepared for hard days and days where you want to really give up but if you stick with it you will lose weight quickly
  6. noodles1609

    noodles1609 Having a very lovely life

    I have been entirely shocked by the effect of TMR. I've been an eat anything and everything kind of girl for such a long time, I didn't think it possible I could function on so few calories. I thought long and hard before starting, figured it must be ok as it's much less dramatic than bariatric surgery and that seems to work ok for most, even when they can't absorb the nutrition they need from their food. I started off with LL as I figured the thing I really needed was to understand why I have the need to be constantly eating, and the counselling element would help with that. It was a really useful starting point, but I have found I've discovered so much more about myself through following recommended reading, and most of all, getting it all out of my head and into a blog, that I considered the group therapy with LL not to be worth the extra money it was costing each week.

    So this week I've taken the plunge and started up with S&S- and I have to say it's so much more yum that LL. The packs I've had so far are delicious. The thing about being in ketosis too, you just don't feel hungry, so it takes that away. I am constantly surprised by my "new" reaction to food - believe me, I could've probably eaten you under the table in a crisp challenge - it just doesn't bother me at all, I have no interest in eating it, and have to remind myself I should have another pack. It is life changing. What's also really thought provoking is recognising the feelings I've tagged as hunger in the past and fed profusely, are actually something else entirely. Having the confidence to know it's not hunger, and then exploring what it could be is very empowering. For the first time ever, I feel in charge of me. One thing my LLC did say that has struck a chord with me - stop swallowing my emotions. It's really helped me on the right path to understanding why I've made the choices I have in the past, and perhaps how I can change them for the future and stay in charge of me. It all sounds a bit cheesy (no pun intended) but it's all very true :)
  7. Ruby Shoes

    Ruby Shoes Full Member

    feeling very positive from the responses so far, thank you all!

    i think i am certainly leaning towards giving it a go. i do think im an 'all or nothing' type person and certainly found with other diet plans, i would add things like wine or junk through factoring it in to the plan and then failing.

    for the past two days of my lurking on this board, i have been attempting to follow a low calorie and low carb diet to try and ease myself into ketosis. my meals have mostly consisted of quorn + green veg for lunch, can of tuna as a snack and 'zero' noodles with protein and a little veg again. so far ive had a headache, metallic taste in my mouth and my leg muscles feel slightly achey (positive signs maybe??). im hoping that once i switch to the S&S products, it wont be toooo much of a shock to my system (and also my brain is getting tired from thinking of suitable meals, so at least the plan will save me from that chore).

    the only conflict i have is: next weekend i am off to my boyfriends parents house, which will also co-incide with his birthday, my birthday our anniversary (and fingers crossed) me getting final confirmation of passing my masters degree. it willl take allll my willpower to resist going out for a celebratory meal, but it has to be done!

    will defo get online and order some packs tomorrow. i will keep all you lovely ladies posted on how it goes. :D
  8. Lord LuLu

    Lord LuLu Full Member

    In light of that I would actually start after that weekend, normally such events are spread throughout the year and if you want to suceed at S&S or any VLCD then you have to say no to some things but as they are all together I would actually get them out of the way and start with no distractions or temptations,. There's also less chance of you resenting the diet and 'cheating' as early on it can feel pretty isolating not being able to eat/drink at such events, once the weight starts to come off then it's neither here nor there as losing the weight and feeling better about yourself is far more important.

    It's worth getting the mixed starter pack which is one of everything, I personally LOVE the bars (although they're quite small so maybe start having them once you're in ketosis so hunger isn't an issue), the meals are really tasty - especially with the veg allowance and most of the shakes are divine (the ones I don't like are just flavours I don't like - cafe latte & strawberry).

    Good Luck!
  9. Good luck with what you choose to do. I am an eat everything and anything and am pretty sure i could beat have these food compatition people i can sure eat a lot. I am on day 5 today feeling ok not hungry not even when i woke up this morning where as before i would wake up and want breakfast straight away :-( so hopefully this diet could work for you too. Xx
  10. iwillbethinagain

    iwillbethinagain Silver Member

    I agree with what everyone else has said. The first 3/4 days are the worst but after that you are fine. Obviously you have to be committed to it. I have found I've saved money, it's amazing how just popping to the shop for a pack of biscuits, or those extra's you add to your weekly shop, meals out, nights on the town, they all add up!
  11. mumof4girls

    mumof4girls Full Member

    I've just finished week 5 and loving this diet. I have 2 sachets, 1 bar, 200g allowed veg and a protein option a day and have been amazed by my losses and how well I feel. I drink lots of water and do a small amount of exercise (walking). I know that I will stick this put for the duration and have been so exited to see my figure changing before my eyes. I too have tried Weightwatchers, Slimming World (only had decent losses if I stuck with the red plan), Exante and the Cambridge Diet. IMHO this is the best by far. Good luck with whatever you decide x
  12. JanBow

    JanBow Full Member

    Go for it! Once you're in the zone you'll love it, it's easy & the weight will fall off x
  13. Ruby Shoes

    Ruby Shoes Full Member

    hello everyone!

    thank you to everyone for the help so far. i only ordered my first items today due to the fact i had been visiting my boyfriends family for the last week. think i was very wise leaving it for this long - i had previously thought id be able to start it while there, but in the end both his parents were very ill and dinner every night was a takeaway!!

    so now we have got his birthday, my birthday, our anniversary and my MSc results celebration all over and done with and its time for the slim and save start! ive ordered the selection of shakes, the soups and the two pasta meals and porridge/oatmeal.

    my first mini target is for the 19th of december, maybe 2 stone gone by then???? it will be my graduation, so i want to try hard for the pictures and video. im also hoping to encorperate very gentle exercise into the diet too, we have a gym in our house, so i have no real excuse not to go.

    im sure i will be updating you all soon with my progress/struggles! I also have quite a few packets of those 'zero noodles'. does anyone know if i can add them into the diet? a 200g packet is supposed to be 20 cals and virtuallly no carb since its made from insoluble fibre. i was thinking i could put them into the soup and eat that when im at work?
  14. iwillbethinagain

    iwillbethinagain Silver Member

    Good luck with it all!

    I wondered aout zero noodles too, they aren't on the list, but you could ask sns?
  15. Ruby Shoes

    Ruby Shoes Full Member

    ive sent off an email asking, they seemed rather confused about whether its allowed because the carb allowance and calorie allowance don't add up (i thinking because the carbs in the noodles are basically just insoluble fibre rather than real carbs?). I've sent off a few articles about the product for them to look at, so lets see what they say.

    what i do need help on is seasonings etc. i do eat chicken and enjoy it, but only when i cant reallly taste the chicken (aka in a curry rather than a chicken breast by itself). what do people add to their protein to make it taste nicer/of more? some good marinades/seasonings/sauces ideas would be great!
  16. iwillbethinagain

    iwillbethinagain Silver Member

    You can use herbs and spices and salt, pepper and tabasco sauce, some soy sauce and garlic. Or you could add the protein to one or more of your meal packs (e.g make a chicken curry using the mild curry pack. You can als have fish or eggs as your protein.
  17. Ruby Shoes

    Ruby Shoes Full Member

    thanks, kind of what i did today - used the mushroom pasta as a sauce for the veg and protein.

    day 1 is over and done with.

    had the oatmeal for lunch
    a shake at 5.30pm
    then dinner was mushroom pasta, 2 quorn sausages and curly kale with mushrooms + coke zero

    nothing tasted horrible, fingers crossed it stays that way!
    saving my milk allowance for a big cup of tea to get me through master chef without the urge to snack. feeling pretty full at the moment though.

    does the veg allowance count to precooked or cooked veg? i measured out my 100 g of kale and mushrooms before cooking, but they do reduce down alot once cooked.
  18. woodmouse

    woodmouse Gold Member

    "does the veg allowance count to precooked or cooked veg? i measured out my 100 g of kale and mushrooms before cooking, but they do reduce down alot once cooked." I think the veg allowance counts for how you eat it i.e. count the cooked weight if you're eating it cooked. If uncooked - you can get an awful lot of salad leaves for 200g!!! :)
  19. Ruby Shoes

    Ruby Shoes Full Member

    brilliant, i can bulk up my meals a little more now.

    also i got a reply on the zero noodle question, and they are totally fine to have! im thinking of dinner on saturday being zero noodles in the thai soup with prawns and maybe bamboo shoots!
  20. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Ruby where do you get your noodles from? I've been all over Manchester's china town searching for those babies?!

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  21. Ruby Shoes

    Ruby Shoes Full Member

    I get them directly from the zero noodles website. not the cheapest option! they are supposed to be sold in Holland and barrett too, but they are ALWAYS sold out - i think they also hate me because im always harassing them for info on their deliveries. at the moment, the website is slightly low on stock (so you cant order more than 8 packs), might be a little worse now because the Daily Mail did an article on them a few weeks ago and let the secret out

    worth getting though, i asked of if i should eat the noodles in replacement of the protein/veg, but his response was 'theres virtually nothing in them, so you can have them with whatever you want without a problem'. i think they will be my weekend life saver!
    Last edited: 9 November 2012

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