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Organ donation


The Original Honey!!!
Hi everyone,

As most of you know I have cystic fibrosis and i'm currently waiting for a lung transplant. I try to campaign as much as I can for both of these great charities and this weekend i'm in Dover campaigning.

If anyone is near and would like to chat about either issue or have a form to sign up to the donor register I will be at the Dover horticultural show in Pencester Park from 10am onwards.....call permitting :D

I'll be campaigning again the following week but will give all the details about that nearer the time.

If you can't make it, i'm always on here if you have any questions.

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I am one of the 63336
:gen126: Honey.

I hope you get your transplant soon. xxxx

I am on the donor register and would encourage other people to. Having said that I DO understand that there are people that won't sign up for whatever reason and respect their wishes/beliefs.

A little story that may help anyone who is not sure - apologies to those who have heard it before.

I worked with a man whose 13 year old daughter had been on kidney dialysis virtually from birth. In summer 1996 she was admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital and basically they were told that without a transplant she wouldn't be coming out again.

In January 1997 my first husband contracted and died of meningitis. He had always stated he wished to be a donor. During my chat with the tranplant co-ordinator I told her about this girl and having seen what her family is going through I know how important donation is. She replied that unfortunately a) she has no control over where the organs go and b) my husband was 6 1/2 foot tall and naturally big built so his organs wouldn't be suitable for a 13 year old girl.

On returning to work my colleague was very sympathetic. He then said he hoped I didn't mind him telling me but his daughter had had her transplant. I told him what the co-ordinator had said. He went white and told me their co-ordinator had said her kidney had come from someone much older and much bigger but the tissue match was too good to not try. He rung his wife at GOSH and though they couldn't confirm donor names they could confirm the place and date the donor died - and it had come from my husband.

13 years later that girl is fully recovered, has travelled the world, been to college and is know engaged.

Honey, I hope you get lots of success on SAturday and that everything works out for you soon xxx


The Original Honey!!!

I was just wondering how I could check if I am already on the donor list? I think I might be but I wanted to check?

Hi Julia, the best thing to do is just re-register. If you are already on the system it's not a problem, it will just update with any new information you may include.

NHSBT - Organ Donation -



Silver Member
I've been on the donor register for as long as I've been able to be, and my hubby recently renewed his driving licence so I persuaded him to go on it as well!!

It's one of the greatest gifts you can give another person - the chance of life, and I think more people should do it. Nevertheless, I understand some people are against it for whatever reason and I respect that.
I am on the list and once I'm 'gone' they can use any bit of me they choose. It's the greatest gift a person can give - to give someone a life after you're gone. Good luck with the campaigning and I really really hope they can do your transplant soon,

Just visited the site re updating my details as my phone number and address have changed. It just took a couple of mins to update them all. Go for it laydees and laddies!



The Original Honey!!!
Thank you all for your wonderful stories and support,it is very much appreciated.

To people like me, you are all heroes

Aaaaw that is so lovely Honey. You truly have put a tear in my eye... Wishing you the very best. Much love, ZXXXXXXXXXX


The Original Honey!!!
Just wanted to let everyone know that the campaigning went well yesterday.

I managed to get 50 new sign ups and a handful of people who wanted to updated there information. It was a great day and I met some lovely people.

Next weekend i'm doing it all over again. This time, at the Dover Regatta which is on over 2 days.

If anyone is visiting and fancies popping by to say hello, it would be great to meet you.

Thanks again for all of your kindness

I'm glad your campaign went well and hope the next one goes even better for you.

Won't be in the area but I'm registered as an organ donor and would urge people to get signed up. It literally will take 2 minutes of your time.

I hope you get your transplant soon x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well done! I have carried a card since it started. I'd have an opt out scheme if I was in power.
This may be controversial, but in view of the shortage of suitable donors I wonder whether there should be a policy where it's assumed you'll donate and you have to have registered/carry a card which says you DON'T want your organs used after death. So instead of a system of opting in like we have now, there could be a system of opting out instead. People who really don't want to do it surely wouldn't mind a couple of minutes to sort opting out. Food for thought...
Hey Judi we crossed posts - and you read my mind. Hey, if only we were in charge opting out would be the way to go!
I also think it would be better if it was an opt out scheme, but sadly it's just not the case :( I know there are lots of people out there who would be willing to donate but don't take the time to sign up.
Brilliant idea...write to your MP's.

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